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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others a link to a video about a Danish chef aging his steaks in a log of butter and you could travel the world in 80 days like Mr Fogg’s. We also spotted the meat vending machines by Applestone meat, they want to open their machines in Manhattan in 2019 and an article about the Svart Hotel in Norway that’s going to be very sustainable! In case you have missed it: Coca-Cola did buy Costa Coffee.

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Steaks aged in a log of butter 

Danish chef Casper Sobczyk, working at the Marienlyst Strandhotel in Elsinore, ages his steaks in a log of butter. Check out this video by Insider why he does so! Although their headline is that Casper does cook his steak in a log of butter, he actually does age the steak in butter.

Meat vending machine by Applestone meat

Applestone Meat wants its 24/7 automated dispensers to become as ubiquitous as ATMs. They installed four of them at their four-year-old location in Stone Ridge, in Ulster County, N.Y., near the trendy town of Woodstock. Each is filled with a different type of protein: beef, pork, lamb, and ground meat and sausage. They have to restock the machines constantly to keep up with demand. Later this year, Applestone Meat is expanding to Hudson, where the store will have at least seven machines. By early next year the company will open in Scarsdale, where he’s planning for 10 machines, and later in 2019 he’ll open in Manhattan, with possibly even more.

Svart Hotel | Sustainable hotel in Norway

In collaboration with Arctic Adventures of Norway, Asplan Viak and Skanska, Snøhetta has designed “Svart” the world’s first Powerhouse hotel, at the foot of the Svartisen glacier that runs through Meløy municipality in northern Norway. The hotel is situated just above the Arctic Circle.

‘Svart’ is the first building to be built after the energy positive Powerhouse standard in a Northern climate. Not only does this new hotel reduces its yearly energy consumption by approximately 85% compared to a modern hotel, but it also produces its own energy – an absolute “must” in this precious arctic environment. “Building in such a precious environment comes with some clear obligations in terms of preserving the natural beauty and the fauna and flora of the site. It was important for us to design a sustainable building that will leave a minimal environmental footprint on this beautiful Northern nature. Building an energy positive and low-impact hotel is an essential factor to create a sustainable tourist destination respecting the unique features of the plot; the rare plant species, the clean waters and the blue ice of the Svartisen glacier”, says Founding Partner at Snøhetta, Kjetil Trædal Thorsen. Check out the great images at their website!

KFC will pay you $11,000 if you name your baby after colonel Harland Sanders

Another great marketing idea by KFC. They presented a very intriguing offer to name your newborn in honor of the international fried chicken chain’s mascot: It’ll pay you $11,000 to call your baby Harland, just like Harland Sanders, aka the Colonel. But be aware of the rules: the baby must be born on September 9 (the same birthday as Colonel Sanders), and it must be named Harland. Applications will be selected by KFC, and a winner will be announced on October 9. We kind of feel sorry for those babies who won’t win the competition and be stuck with the name Harland for the rest of their lives.

Travel around the world in 80 days & get paid for it with Mr Fogg’s

The new bar Mr Foggs’s Society of Exploration, by the conceptual hospitality company, Inception Group, is celebrating its imminent opening by sending one successful candidate and their travelling companion Around the World in 80 Days, following a route inspired by Jules Verne’s fictional explorer, Phileas Fogg.

Announced 146 years after Mr Fogg’s departure from Charing Cross Station on his epic journey with his trusty valet Passepartout – according to the famous Victorian novel – Mr Fogg’s has teamed up with Bombay Sapphire to offer the once-in-a-lifetime experience. From Mumbai to Hong Kong, Tokyo to San Francisco, New York to Lisbon, one lucky pair will be hired as Global Ambassadors as they race against the clock and around the world, ensuring they make it back in 80 days. Check out the article at The Resident.

Coca-Cola to buy Costa coffee

Coca-Cola is to buy the Costa coffee chain from owner Whitbread in a deal worth £3.9bn. Whitbread bought Costa, which is now the UK’s biggest coffee chain, for just £19m in 1995. At the time, it had just 39 outlets. It now has more than 2,400 UK coffee shops, as well as some 1,400 outlets in 31 overseas markets. Costa Express has 8,237 vending machines worldwide. Speaking on the BBC’s Today programme, Ms Brittain explained that Coca-Cola wanted to buy Costa because “they want the coffee product, they have no coffee in their range”. Great article at the BBC website with insights in the European coffee market.

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