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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others 2 articles about the digital developments in the coffee world in China where speed and efficiency play an increasingly important role. Also a nice idea for ice cream parlours, an ice cream sample platter with all flavours in the display! In addition, we received the message that Bird Brewery from Amsterdam scored 5 times gold at the World Beer Awards 2018, in the article a list of the winning beers! Also a link to a new restaurant in Amsterdam to put on your list to visit if you’re a foodie and if you are going to Brussels, check out the recently opened food market, Food District.

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Insight in Digital Coffee in China | By JWT Intelligence

The convenience of mobile apps and automation is shaking up café and restaurant culture in China. Quality coffee preparation is a sacred, careful process, many baristas would argue but in China, a new wave of cafés is operating on the concept that what really gets customers going in the morning is efficiency and speed. We already wrote about RATIO, the coffee shop with RATIOlogists and a cobot arm as barista. In this article an insight in the Digital Coffee world in China with examples from  Luckin (set up in November 2017, 500 coffee shops within five months with $150 million of funding) and Starbucks. Luckin doesn’t have a paper menu, everything is ordered digitally. The same system of operation works for Alibaba’s Hema supermarkets and or Amazon’s collaboration with Whole Foods in the United States. They all use the ‘new retail’ model, which aims to sync the best of online and offline retail.

Starbucks and the Alibaba Group | Announced partnership to transform the coffee experience in China

Starbucks to collaborate across key businesses within the Alibaba ecosystem, including, Hema, Tmall, Taobao and Alipay, to significantly elevate the Starbucks Experience for Chinese customers. In the beginning of August they announced  plans to leverage’s on-demand platform to pilot delivery services in Beijing and Shanghai in September 2018; delivery program to expand across 30 cities to more than 2,000 stores by end of 2018.

They will partner with Hema supermarkets to create “Starbucks Delivery Kitchens” specifically designed for Starbucks delivery order fulfillment, further expanding delivery capabilities while ensuring the highest levels of the third-place in-store customer experience.

The companies will co-create an unprecedented virtual Starbucks store that will integrate multiple platforms across Starbucks and the Alibaba ecosystems, to enable a seamless and even more personalized experience for members to register, redeem benefits and enjoy an extensive range of services.

Great idea for ice cream parlours | An ice cream sample platter 

Hammond’s Gourmet Ice Cream in San Diego serves around 300 flavours but ‘only’ 32 flavours are in store every day. If you can’t choose and we think if you’re with more people: try their 32 scoops sample platter in small cones! Great way to entertain your guests as ice cream parlour!

Cashierless store in San Francisco |With just a scan of a phone you can shop at Zippin

Zippin, the recently opened shop in San Francisco, lets shoppers simply sync their credit card to its app to then purchase what they want and be charged as they exit. Another example of cashierless retail, check out the article at PSFK.

Bird Brewery 5x gold at the World Beer Awards 2018

The Dutch Bird Brewery won five prizes at the prestigious World Beer Awards 2018. It’s one of the big winners of the world’s largest beer elections. Earlier this year, Bird Brewery was already one of the two most successful microbreweries during the biggest beer election in the Netherlands. The World Beer Awards takes place annually and breweries from all over the world serve their beers, after which a professional jury blindly tasted the beers. Bird Brewery won this year with these beers:

  • Rumoerige Roodborst (Noisy Robin) (Country Winner) – Amber
  • Datisandere Koekoek (Gold Medal) – Saison
  • Lekkerinde Kauw (Country Winner) – Dark Beer: Strong
  • Nognietnaar Huismus (Country Winner) – American Brown Ale
  • Captain Blackbird (Country Winner) – Flavored Stout / Porter

Dreamlike pastel colored park in Hangzhou, China | the Neobio Family Park in shopping mall

Great pictures at the website of Luxury Launches from the Neobio Family Park. Shanghai-based architectural design firm X+ Living have designed a pastel paradise in Hangzhou China. Called the Neobio Family Park, this space is sort of futuristic public space that has dedicated areas for dining and entertainment, rest and even learning. The park is situated on the first floor and atrium of the Hangzhou Star Avenue Phase II Shopping Mall and incorporates 288 sweet pastel colors to create an almost candyland effect.

Food District | The first covered food market in Brussels

After many other major European cities, Brussels finally has its own food market since August 16: ‘Food District’. For nine months, foodies in the City 2 shopping center can go to seven different stalls, from a stand with square pizzas to a counter where you can put together an Asian dish of your choice. Read more about it on the Belgium website of the Foodservice Alliance.

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