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  • Auntie Anne's pretzel beer by Evil Genius BeerAuntie Anne's pretzel beer by Evil Genius Beer
  • Hertog Jan expert at Beer Masters at DiscoveryHertog Jan expert at Beer Masters at Discovery
  • BYOC-day at 7ElevenBYOC-day at 7Eleven

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about amongst others the format Beer Masters on Discovery, in which the Dutch master brewer of Hertog Jan is an expert. And Finnish confectionary manufacturer Fazer is exploring cocoa based on cellular farming.

On 27 August it is ‘Bring Your Own Cup’-day (BYOC-day) again at Seven Eleven, a good idea for fast food restaurants or coffee shops? And a sustainable alternative for the imported avocado: the Ecovado!

Artists create art on Brazilian basketball courts and Budweiser pays the costs, all to save these courts from project developers. From 19 August to 4 September, London’s Covent Garden Cool Down will offer visitors the chance to cool down with ice cream or a frozen cocktail or…

Inspiration on Instagram, Danny Kim challenges chefs to turn takeaway into a gourmet dish. Great idea for a local snack bar or fast food restaurant to challenge a chef for some local publicity?

A list of the participants of the Vineyard Open Days 2022 in the Netherlands on 17 and 18 September. And The Bedford by Martha Stewart has opened on the strip in Las Vegas.

Auntie Anne’s has teamed up with Philadelphia-based Evil Genius Beer Company to launch a beer made with their signature pretzels. And London will get another food hall in Battersea Power Station in 2023. Created by London’s JKS Restaurants.

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Master brewer Hertog Jan as expert in a new show, Beer Masters on Discovery

The Grand Prestige, the crown jewel of the Dutch brewer Hertog Jan, will play a role in the new show Beer Masters. In the British, five-part series, which will broadcast on Discovery from Tuesday, August 23, various amateur brewers from Europe and the United Kingdom will compete for the title of best brewer. Master brewer of Hertog Jan Micha Peute will also take part in the program as one of the experts and teach the participants all about the essence of the Grand Prestige.

These are the participants of the Vineyards Open Days 2022

September are the official Vineyard Open Days in the Netherlands. This year, most wineries will open on the third weekend, Saturday, September 17 and Sunday, September 18. Some other companies can be visited the weekend before or after.

The Wine Institute of the Netherlands (WIN) Foundation organizes the Vineyard Open Days every year on the third weekend of September. Traditionally, this is the weekend after the Wine Competition of the Netherlands, which this year takes place on September 11. The complete list of participating vineyards can be found in the link in the title. And here you can find all participants in an interactive map.

Martha Stewart opens her first restaurant at the Las Vegas Strip

We already wrote that she would open in Las Vegas but august 13 The Bedford by Martha Stewart opened at the Paris Las Vegas. Check out their menu here.

Designed by Stewart, the 194-seat restaurant takes direct inspiration from her 1925 country farmhouse in Bedford, New York — the same farmhouse in which she opted to serve the home detention portion of her sentence in 2005. The design includes an accurate replica of her dining room and decor in a neutral, subtle color palette. Check out the article at Vegas Eater, link in the title.

#BYOC Day | Bring your own cup day returns at Seven Eleven

Bring Your Own Cup (aka BYOC) Day is making its triumphant return to 7-Eleven, Inc. this summer. On August 27, 7Rewards® and Speedy Rewards® loyalty members are encouraged to grab their cookie jars, fish bowls or any other creative container and fill it up with their favorite Slurpee® drink flavor (or flavors!) for just $1.99 at participating 7-Eleven®, Stripes® and Speedway® locations.

Great idea for regular guests of coffee shops or other fast food joints?

Inspiration from Instagram | From take-out meal to gourmet dish

Everybody enjoys a good take-out meal every now and then, at least we do. We came across this Instagram account where Danny Kim, or as he is known on Instagram Danny Grubs, challenges Michelin-trained chefs to turn a take-out meal and turn it into a gourmet dish.

Would it be fun to put a dish like this on the menu? Or to join the challenge with a local snack bar or fast food restaurant for some free publicity?


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Meet the Ecovado | A low impact alternative to avocado

Central Saint Martins graduate Arina Shokouhi has invented an avocado alternative called Ecovado, which is meant to wean people off the resource-intensive imported fruit.

The Ecovado contains a pale green, creamy foodstuff made from a combination of ingredients local to its country and packaged in a fake avocado skin fashioned from wax. More details in the article of Dezeen, link in the title.

Budweiser enlists artists to save Brazilian basketball courts from developers

Street basketball courts are invaluable to communities, providing a space for kids and adults to stay connected and get active. Overheated real estate markets, however, mean those spaces and their culture are under threat from developers looking to nab every 420 m2 rectangle. A campaign working to protect courts in Brazil found a loophole in the country’s laws. According to Brazilian law 25/1937, “A place of public interest with artistic value is considered public heritage and cannot be demolished.” So, Quadras Indestrutiveis — or Unbreakable Courts — started reaching out to communities. Developed by Africa DDB, the campaign asks people to explain why a court is of value to their community and to select an artist who’s a good fit for the local culture. The artist paints the court, with a sponsorship by Budweiser covering all costs. More details in the article at Trendwatching, link in the title.

Covent Garden Cool Down | An Ice Cream Festival that takes place this August

From August 19 – September 4, the Covent Garden Cool Down in London will offer visitors a chance to beat the heat with a scoop of frozen deliciousness, or perhaps a frozen cocktail. It’s the fourth year that the Covent Garden Cool Down will take place, nearby shops and restaurants will be taking part with their ice cream specials. Like mochi by Sushisamba, ice cream with cookies by Floozie and Ave Mario serves indulgent gelato cake. More details at the website, link in the title.

Auntie Anne’s partners with brewery to create beer made from pretzels

Auntie Anne’s has partnered with Philadelphia-based Evil Genius Beer Company to release a beer made with Auntie Anne’s signature pretzels.

The beer called ‘Is Butter a Carb?’, is an Oktoberfest-style beer brewed with imported German hops and malts as well as Auntie Anne’s soft pretzels. This is the first time Auntie Anne’s pretzels have been used as an ingredient to develop and create a unique beer available for purchase. Check out their press release, link in the title.

Fazer explores cell-cultured cocoa as an option for the future of chocolate

At the Finnish confectionery specialist Fazer, sustainability is at the core and the sustainability of the raw materials is one of the key ambitions of Fazer’s sustainability work and the foundation, upon which the tasty, high-quality food of the company is built. One of the core ingredients in Fazer’s confectionery production and the heart of the company’s beloved chocolate is cocoa. Fazer’s foremost priority is ensuring the sustainable management of cocoa sourcing, securing profitable farming and improving cocoa community well-being. However, as climate change threatens the traditional cocoa growing areas near the Equator, there is a need to explore alternative sources for cocoa. Now Fazer is researching the potential of cellular agriculture for future sustainable cocoa raw material production. Even though the use of cell-cultured cocoa is still far in the future, for Fazer, the time to fearlessly explore its possibilities is now.

A huge London Food Hall is coming to Battersea Power Station

London’s JKS Restaurants just transformed the Arcade Food Hall at Centre Point, London and now they announced a second London food hall at Battersea Power Station in 2023.

The space will not replicate the kitchens from Tottenham Court Road, with the restaurant group partnering with existing, exciting restaurants and chefs across the city to develop new kiosks. The 24,000 square foot space will be joined by three restaurants, one a new iteration of restlessly inventive Taiwanese specialists Bao, and another a new Thai restaurant, in partnership with Luke Farrell. Check out the article at London Eater, link in the title.


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