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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about Selfridges that has a café with an adult-sized slide in its window and about Lets Golf!, they transformed the city of Groningen into a minigolf park.

During the Hotelnacht (the hotel night) 2020 in Amsterdam (the 18th of January) you can participate at Taiko Bar’s Asian Karaoke Night at the Conservatorium hotel. Or visit the Pulitzer x Lindt during the Hotelnacht 2020. They’re creating a chocolate heaven!

In December the first vegan cheese shop opened in Amsterdam and in London a pop-up cheese-themed hotel will open! An idea by Café Rouge.

Le Prestine in Antwerp, the new restaurant for Sergio Herman is looking for staff, they will open this April. Also a link to ‘The Jungle Bubble by Anantara’ in Thailand, watching elephants from your bed and bubble! And inspiration for a children’ playground from Beijing, the Baoyan Park Children’s Entertainment Park. 

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

Selfridges has a café with an adult-sized slide in its window

A new cafe has opened in Selfridges, featuring an adult-sized slide for customers to use. New Ground is an ethical coffee shop, which trains and employs ex-offenders with a goal of reducing re-offending rates. Its ethics also extend to sustainability, with hot drinks served in recyclable cups, and any recycled in store will be turned into Selfridges paper shopping bags. More info and images at the website of the Londonist, we think it’s a great eye catcher for both Selfridges and the café.

Hotelnacht | Taiko Bar’s Asian Karaoke Night 

During Hotelnacht 2020 in Amsterdam, on 18 January, Taiko Bar will have a unique collaboration with Cooper & Barrel for Taiko Bar’s Asian Karaoke Night. Experience the high-end nightlife of Shanghai and Tokyo in this intimate setting of an Amsterdam night out, all under the roof of the Conservatorium hotel. Gather your karaoke friends together and enjoy a special Yuzu shot upon arrival! Find the DJ adding the right musical vibes to your evening while you’re taking a photo with your karaoke crew taken by one of the Harajuku polaroid girls. Choose from different Asian cocktails and G&T’s and enjoy Taiko’s signature dish: Taiko Fried Chicken.

A cheese-themed pop-up hotel is opening in London this January   

The world’s first cheese hotel is opening in the heart of Camden on January 29th, offering cheese friends the chance to spend a night in the hotel of their dreams. The room is an eye-catching shade of yellow, which encompasses cheese-themed wallpaper, bedding, cushions, artwork, and giant cheese installations. There’s even more cheesiness beyond the decor, with cheese board games and cheese soap. You’ll be able to dial a ‘cheese hotline’ that’ll immediately furnish you with cheese and crackers. The cheese hotel is being run be Café Rouge (in a bid to hype up their winter menu), and it’s in town for one week only, from January 29th until February 6th, and the second is that only nine winners and their plus ones will be selected to stay the night.  Check it out in the link in the title.

Baoyan Park Children’s Entertainment Park – Beijing, China                           

Baoyan Park is a Chinese entertainment and amusement park brand that operates 10 multi-function facilities in China that include movie theatres, restaurants, indoor water parks and other recreational offerings. The water park is a fantasy in soft colours where the deep water pool and wading and play areas are distinctly separate to make it easier for parents to keep an eye on their children. Adorable animals feature a spray function helping kids engage in active play. The mini city zone is a magical and creative world where children are able to create, build and model with blocks and other elements while their parents can rest in seats integrated in the design. Check out the images in the link in the title.

The Jungle Bubble by Anantara | Bubble tents in which you can watch the stars and elephants

Check out the images of the Jungle Bubble by Anantara where you can watch elephants in their natural habitat, at  the website of Luxury Launches! We’ve seen a lot of examples of the use of bubble tents but this is a new one! And if you’re planning a trip to the north of Thailand, it might be a new experience!

Let’s Golf! transformed the city of Groningen into a minigolf park         

Images of Let’s Golf! in Groningen (The Netherlands) at the website of Pop Up City in the link in the title. Bureau Buitendienst, office for spatial interventions, saw the golden opportunity in mini golf to create inclusive and fun public spaces. As streets and squares are getting overcrowded, the need for places to play and meet is growing. Bureau Buitendienst addressed this issue by providing an inclusive and surprising activity in the underused squares and alleyways throughout the city center of Groningen. Several mini golf courses were installed to highlight the potential of these places and to open the discussion on its current and future use. For three days in November 2019, these spaces were turned into playful places and were crowded with families and youngsters.

Serigo Herman is looking for staff members for Le Pristine in Antwerp

Serigo Herman is opening a new restaurant in Antwerp this April, called ‘Le Pristine’. The concept: Zeeuwse Terroir with Italian flair”. They are looking for staff members for this concept. Would you like to be a part of it from the start? Then check out the Facebook page of Le Pristine, by clicking the link in the title.

Pulitzer Amsterdam x Lindt: Hotelnacht 2020

Pulitzer Amsterdam and chocolate brand Lindt are collaborating. On the 18th of January the Pulitzer will be turned into a chocolate heaven. Pulitzer is celebrating their 50th anniversary and it is starting off on a sweet note. The hotel will serve lots of chocolate, Lindt-inspired dishes and chocolate cocktails, in the occasion of the eight Hotel Night. Chocolate lovers can enjoy a chocolicious three-course dinner at the Pulitzer, including wine, beer and sodas. Tickets for the chocolate dinner are available here  and you can view the Facebook event here.

Amsterdam has a vegan cheese shop since December 2019                   

Plant-based company Willicroft just opened Amsterdam’s first vegan cheese shop. The new plant-based store offers a range of healthy, vegan, cashew and tofu-based cheeses. The shop is located in south-west Amsterdam and currently sells all five Willicroft-produced cashew-based cheeses.  Willicroft has been producing plant-based cheese since founder Brad Vanstone began experimenting in 2017. By using a combination of cashews and tofu, the company creates protein-packed, healthy, artisan cheese. Brad Vanstone grew up on a dairy farm in Devon, UK but began eating a predominantly plant-based diet for environmental reasons. The entrepreneur says that the combination of his family history and desire to modernize dairy are at the core of Willicroft. More + images at the website of Live Kindly, link in the title.



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