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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about the London bases restaurant Story that will relocate to Carbis Bay this summer to tell their ‘Story by the sea’. An article about a marathon with 10 wine breaks in London, ‘Cocktails in the city’ and one about an amazing collaboration between Fendi and Harrods, creating the pop-up Fendi Caffe.

Have you heard of rosé strawberries, raspberries and ‘Braspberries’? In any case, they aren’t infused with rosé wine, read in this article what they are!

Are you going to Ubud, Bali on holiday this summer and you love puppies? Then you definitely don’t want to skip this hotel. And another article underlining the importance of gluten-free dishes on your menu, for sure if you’re welcoming a lot of guest from the USA.

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London based restaurant Story will relocate to Cornwall for six weeks to tell their ‘Story by the sea’.

The ocean and all that surrounds it will shape their vision for the menu, creative process and cooking style. In the heart of Carbis Bay, chef Tom Sellers and the entire team will be cooking lunch and dinner 7 days a week, using all that Carbis Bay and the surrounding area have to offer to create and influence the menu. The project will not only give Tom and the team the opportunity to cook within such a special location, additionally throughout the six weeks along with their guests support they will remove 50 metric tonnes of plastic from the ocean. “The ocean is a very special gift and all chefs love to cook the treasures found within it, it is our responsibility to do all we can to protect it”.

Rosé berries are here for the summer

Now that warmer weather is here, rosé season is in full swing—cue a flood of pink all over your Instagram feed. New York’s Rosé Mansion is back for the summer with an impressive wine list (over 120 different rosés from all over the world), and you’ve probably noticed more rose-tinged products while you’re out shopping, too—after all, the rosé craze doesn’t just stop at wine. Driscoll’s Rosé Strawberries and Raspberries launched recently!

They aren’t infused with wine but they’re naturally bred from a mix of dark berries and light berries “mixed with the power of the sun” to have that signature blush color. As stated by Driscoll, the strawberries have a “smooth, silky, creamy texture” with notes of peach and floral flavors, like rosé often has; the raspberries are also sweet, and get their coloring from a blend of golden and red raspberries. Both berries are made by Driscoll’s “Joy Makers”. They also created the Braspberries, check out their Instagram post about it! Great article at the website of Food and Wine.

Bali hotel offers puppy therapy to their guests

Some hotels in Bali are so luxurious you probably won’t even want to leave the place to go sightseeing. The Puri Garden Hotel is one of those hotels, it has found the best way to keep guests wanting to spend their days on site. The Ubud-based hotel and hostel offers puppy therapy and honestly, what more could you want? Stays can cost as little as £19 and with the added luxury of playing with puppies, it’s no wonder the Insta-worthy hotel is so popular with guests.

P-pass |A pass to help tourists find toilets

Four Isreali students have designed an easy way for tourists to find public toilets. They came up with the concept after a frustrating trip to Europe where they spend far too much time looking for loss. Their concept is simple called the P-pass. Curious about this concept, then read the full article at the website Springwise.

A Marathon with then wine breaks is coming to London this year

The UK’s very own wine marathon takes place on September 8th, a stone’s throw away from London – and entries are open now! The wine marathon takes place on the grounds of Denbies Wine Estate, set amongst the rolling fields and woods of the Surrey Hills. During the run, the finest wines at boozy drinks stations are served. Fancy dresses are encouraged and also bands playing music along the sideways will be there. Inspired by the Marathon du Medoc we presume!

Fendi Caffe | New pop-up in Harrods

Fashion, food and Fendi — Italy’s greatest exports — have come together for a truly stylish dining experience at the FENDI CAFFE on the Fifth Floor. The must-see space is bedecked with FF graphics in a striking monochrome décor imagined by artist Joshua Vides. As for the menu, you’ll be spoilt for choice with the very best of Italian food, from tempting breakfasts with your morning cappuccino to filled focaccias for lunch. Indulge larger appetites with full-course repasts of antipasti, insalate (the beef carpaccio is a house special) and mains of lasagne, aubergine parmagiana and more. Buon appetito! Part of Fendi’s exclusive summer takeover at Harrods, the FENDI CAFFE is open until Saturday 31st August.

A lush private garden filled with 25 of the city’s best bars

The  Summer Edition of Cocktails in the city will take place at 12 & 13 July. Al fresco summer garden parties are going to have 25 of the best bars in London (and, by extension, the world) packed into a lush private garden in the heart of the West End for two glorious days this July. That private garden is in Bedford Square, a stone’s throw from the British Museum, and usually closed off to the public.

Gluten free restaurants in Chicago: 7 of the best addresses.

Eating gluten free in Chicago needn’t be a headache. The city’s culinary scene is alive and kicking and gluten free dining presents no problems for the windy city’s ever evolving dining scene, which was even recognized as restaurant city of the year in 2017. In the article at the website of Fine Dining Lovers an overview of 7 gluten free restaurants in Chicago. Another article and sign of the growing importance of gluten-free options for your American guests. So if you don’t have gluten-free dishes on your menu, we advise you to start considering them! We’re quite sure this ‘trend’ of eating gluten free, even without allergy, will also hit Europe.

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