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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others a FG Food Labs bike tour and after the success of the Top 50 Best Restaurants there will be a Top 50 Pizza in July.

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FG Food Labs bike tour

Would you like to ‘taste’ Rotterdam city? This is possible during the FG Bike Tour. Together with Van Kortenhof, a bicycle shop in Rotterdam, FG Food Labs outlined a bike tour that allows you to see different hotspots in Rotterdam. The tour starts with coffee or tea and homemade pastry from FG Bistro. You can decide how often you take a break during the bicycle tour. Halfway the tour a delicate three course lunch menu at Michelin starred restaurant FG Food Labs will be served, including matching wines (that are also available in limited proportions as you still have to bike after the lunch). The tour ends at FB Bistro. FB Bike Tour can be reserved from six people onwards and can be done on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – based on availability. Prices start at 100 euros per person including an e-Bike. For groups above ten people it may occur that there are not enough e-Bikes. If that’s the case you can enjoy the tour on a city bike for 90 euros per person.

Stan the parking robot | Robots will park your car at Charles de Gaulle airport

At the Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris, the electric-powered robot designed and made by Stanley Robotics, brings new life to the airport’s parking lot. Drivers only need to park their cars in a parking garage, confirm the booking and the system Stan takes care of the rest and actually syncs with your flight details too, subsequently having your car ready when you return.

A giant vending machine at Walmart’s retrieves groceries

Located in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, the giant 20-foot-by-80-foot kiosk gets employees to pack the groceries and have them ready for customers to simply take when they walk in. From there, the customers just have to provide a code they get at checkout and the groceries appear. The kiosk is equipped with freezers and coolers to keep the necessary food fresh and is open 24/7. Currently, there is no fee to use the service, but customers need to purchase at least $30 worth of merchandise in order to qualify.

TeleRetail | A small retail delivery robot

Swiss startup Teletretail AG is developing an on-road, two-wheeled automated delivery robot for both cities and suburbs. TeleRetail automates local logistics to save time while minimizing the ecological footprint of transportation. Its activities include the development of automated on demand courier services. The company’s artificial intelligence reduces the space, cost and energy requirements of local logistics by around 90% – thereby significantly improving the quality of life on planet earth.

These macarons cost €9000,=

From this week onwards it’s possible to order a platter with four exclusive macarons at the St. Regis Bal Harbour Resort in Miami. Together it’ll cost you around €9.000,=. These macarons are the most expensive macarons in the world. The macaron cookies are created in collaboration with French jeweler Lalique. They are made with white tea and decorated with gold edible leaves and are presented on a pillow of sugar crystals in a crystal box. When you order the macarons, you’ll get an overnight stay at the exclave hotel free of charge. The suite who can that offers space for eight people overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. You’ll also get a private butler.

Top 50 Pizza | Which restaurant serves the best pizza?

50 Top Pizza is revealing the best examples of Italy’s most beloved dish in an event curated by Formamentis and Luciano Pignataro along with the two established names behind the Mozzarella di Bufala congress, LSDM, Barbara Guerra and Albert Sapere and sponsored by Acqua Panna and San Pellegrino, among others. The ranking of thousands pizzerias in Italy and around the world made by 100 anonymous inspectors – each pizzeria is judge on several criteria including quality, service, the wine and beer list, research, and the restaurant interiors. At the website of the Top 50 Pizza’s they’re counting down from 150 to 51 and at 30 June the first prizes for the international categories will be awarded in New York. And the announcement of the full list will be live-streamed from Castel dell’Ovo in Napoli at 20 July.



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