Trends we spotted | Week 23


At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about Chocolate Clouds, Little Big Hotelier-programme (no not at Netflix series) but at the Holiday Inn Resorts in Southeast Asia.

 California has its first edition of the Michelin Guide! For those foodies who will visit California this summer, a must check.

 In Thailand we spotted a burnout retreat and in London one can enjoy a BBQ on a boat now! We spotted this before at a couple of places but this looks very professional!

 Every first Thursday of the month, you can enjoy a ‘Close the loop’,  ‘conscious craft’ cocktail! Based on one ingredient from the kitchen at the Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar in Amsterdam that would otherwise have ended up in the trash as ‘waste’.

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

Inspiration from New York’ Blue Stripes | Chocolate clouds

Cacao shop Blue Stripes in Manhattan sells Chocolate clouds and many more chocolate goodies that chocolate lovers will love. Check out the video of  RSVP for inspiration! And although we think the clouds look like a delicious chocolate milk we would even drink it and enjoy it like a mousse!

Little Big Hotelier-programme | Holiday Inn Resorts

It sounds like a new Netflix series: Little Big Hotelier! From the beginning of June, young travellers, age four to twelve can try to ‘work’ at some locations of the Holiday Inn Resorts in the Southeast of Asia. This unique way of learning consists of a kind of role play from real life and learning new skills while having fun with the other children. This program is done under the supervision of Holiday Inn staff and their supporting parents. Of course you don’t have to take the word  ‘work’ too literally, but it is certainly a very nice learning process!

California has his first edition of the Michelin Guide

For those foodies who will visit California this summer, it might be a great idea to take a look in this new Michelin guide! The Michelin Guide highlights restaurants with the best gastronomic quality in Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego, Orange County and Santa Barbara and the Bay Area. In this 2019 guide, three stars went to San Francisco’s Atelier Crenn and Healdsburg’s Single Thread, Benu, the French Laundry, Manresa, Quince and the Restaurant in Meadowood.

Burnout retreat in Thailand | Relax and recover in the tropes

In the TrendWatching newsletter we have read an article about a rehabilitation and wellness center that serves as a therapeutic retreat for managers with a burnout in Thailand. The program is designed to help overworked executives deal with and prevent stress in the workplace. Participants undergo a psychological evaluation and are involved in activities such as personal training, meditation, yoga, one-to-one and group therapy, trauma release sessions and transcranial magnetic stimulation treatments.

BBQ on a boat | Skuna BBQ Boats

Barbecuing while cruising through the canals with friends … sounds like a good idea right? The BBQ Boats are made for a maximum of 10 people. The boat has seats around the BBQ, so everyone can provide their own food. There is even a parasol for the sunny days and this parasol can also serve as an umbrella for rainy days. The BBQ facilities are all present, so you only have to ring your own meat, vegetables and drinks!

Close the loop Thursday | Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar

To show and, above all, taste that more awareness and a ‘no waste policy’ doesn’t interact with taste and experience, Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar at the Andaz hotel in Amsterdam hosts ‘Close the Loop’-Thursdays every first Thursday of the month. Every month a new ‘conscious craft’ cocktail takes center stage, based on one ingredient from the kitchen that would otherwise have ended up in the trash as ‘waste’.

On Thursday 6 June ‘Sand and Soil’ was presented, a typical Martin Eisma cocktail with Glenfiddich whiskey, tonka beans, ginger, herbs from the Bluespoon herb garden and…. strings of white asparagus, currently used in abundance in the Bluespoon kitchen. A bite of whiskey-smoked salmon with avocado and quinoa was served.

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