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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others,  Starbucks takes wine and beer off evening menu at more than 400 stores nationwide. And will we spot a Food bowl mania in the Netherlands in 2017?

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Starbucks takes wine and beer off evening menu at its regular stores

Starbucks started testing the Evenings program in Seattle in 2010, in an attempt to expand customer traffic in the late afternoons and early evening they sold wine, beer and small food items. They extended this to more than 400 Starbucks stores nationwide. According to this article in the Seattle Times they decided to end the Evening program.

Food bowl mania in 2017

We haven’t seen many examples yet in the Netherlands but according to this article of Fine Dining Lovers is 2017 the year of the food bowls. Well, as we have spotted the first Poké shop in the Netherlands in 2016 and we see a couple of breakfast meals in bowls, we think that we have to wait for a food bowl mania till 2018. Specially because we haven’t heard of the Buddha bowls yet. But hé, we’re definitely able to search for Buddha Bowls on Google and try to make them. It seems that they’re often vegan, healthy, tasteful and artful in colours. Which is trendy in the Netherlands as well.

Customized hotel rooms for people with disabilities

Winner of the Celia Thomas design award 2016, AllGo delivers personalised, accessible hotel rooms across the world, removing the barriers to travel and creating truly inclusive environments. Accessible design experts Motion Spot created the Allgo hotel rooms with UK Architects Ryder. They were frustrated by the lack of beauty in buildings for people with disabilities. The AllGo rooms can be customized for each inhabitant and contain a number of integrated essentials.

Edipeel | an ingenious, plant-based solution to keep products fresh much longer

When you cover products with Edipeel, an invisible, edible coating it will last twice as long. Another step forward in our food waste problem. The startup, Apeel Sciences, uses a new method for fighting food waste. Apeel turns uneaten food material—like orange peels, stems, leaves, and grape skins—into a precisely blended powder that can be used to create an invisible, edible, incredibly thin barrier on produce. Check out their video in the article.

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