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At or we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

A Singaporean company, Forest & Whale, is experimenting with edible and compostable food packaging and Panda Packaging has come up with a reusable bamboo cup with an integrated loyalty program.

Hilton recently shared a fun video encouraging guests to bring their dog to their Pet Hotels in the UK and Ireland and Pepsi opens the very first Fast Beverage Restaurant in the United States, Pep’s Place.

The State of New York will ban the use of plastic amenities in hotels and motels from 2024, and McDonald’s will work with the office of President Biden to raise awareness around Covid vaccinations among Americans.

Mövenpick Thailand offers a temporary package that allows travelers to go in self quarantine for 14 days in luxury. And sustainable hotel chain Habitas intends to realize at least 10 3D-printed hotels in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Finally, Guinness has recently launched a new stout beer, to all coffee lovers: pay attention!

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Single-use food containers you can either compost or eat

The Design Singapore Council shared Forest & Whale’s most recent project Reuse, officially launching in August 2021, to combat the use of single-use plastic in Singaporean food courts. Founded in 2016 by Gustavo Maggio and Wendy Chua, Forest & Whale is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in Singapore. They design products and spatial experiences, with a focus on social and sustainable design and are passionate to bring circular thinking to products and systems through good design, ethnographic research and material exploration. Over the past year Forest & Whale has been attempting to transform the convenience mindset ingrained in throwaway culture. Currently the studio is exploring compostable and edible materials to create takeaway containers to replace existing plastic versions. More at the website of Design Milk, link in the title.

Reusable bamboo coffee cup doubles as mobile loyalty card

The UK’s Panda Packaging team have created a fun, easy way for customers to earn rewards from brands, while also reducing plastic waste. Panda Packaging’s reusable bamboo cups include an integrated, contactless loyalty scheme. Customers sign up with no need to download an app. Businesses easily set and update rewards and now have the ability to seamlessly communicate with repeat customers at any time, not just at points of sale. More at the website of Springwise, link in the title. It sounds like an great and sustainable way to encourage and reward your customers!

Bring your furry friend along on your next staycation | Dog Friendly Hilton Hotels

With the summer season quickly advancing, it might be a good idea to make a video showing the possibilities your hotel offer to bring human’s best friend. As I have an labradoodle myself, I liked the video by Hilton UK & Ireland and my dog will love a stay at one of their hotels! Check out at which Pet Hotels your dog can enjoy a relaxing stay in the UK & Ireland. Check out the video below (text will continue below the video). ^Marjolein

PEPSI® Debuts Pep’s Place | A Fast Beverage Restaurant

A fast beverage restaurant where the Cola comes first. This as part of a larger initiative to showcase how people’s favorite foods go better with Pepsi. To reinforce people’s favorite foods paired with an ice-cold Pesi Cola, the Pepsi brand is upending what we expect of the food delivery world, with today’s launch of Pep’s Place, where the cola comes first. This inventive fast beverage restaurant turns the traditional ordering process on its head. Consumers are invited to first pick their Pepsi beverage of choice, which then prompts curated food items based on that beverage, to enhance the overall meal experience. Pep’s Place opened May 3 in select locations around the USA for delivery only available through and major food aggregators (Uber Eats, Door Dash and Grub Hub). More at the website of PRNewswire, link in the title.

New York will ban the use of plastic toiletry bottles, set to take effect starting in 2024

New York is the second state to do so after the state of California (2023). The State of New York has passed legislation that will eliminate millions of single-use plastic toiletry bottles from hotels. Bills S543 and A5082—led by State Senator Todd Kaminsky and Assembly member Steve Englebright—prohibit hotels and motels from providing single-use plastic toiletry bottles smaller than 12 ounces in guest rooms. The hotels are expected to switch to larger, refillable dispensers, thereby reducing both the amount of unused liquids discarded and the amount of plastic waste generated during every guest visit. The new laws take effect January 1, 2024 for all hotels with more than 50 rooms and one year later for all smaller hotels. More at the article at the website of VegNews, link in the title.

McDonald’s will work with the Biden administration to boost vaccine awareness

Will Fast food be the answer to get an important message across to Americans? Later this month McDonald’s will work with the Biden administration to make information on vaccines easier to access for the QSR’s millions of daily customers, a news release said. The initiative kicks off by month’s end with the debut of third-party-provided COVID-19 vaccine information on McDonald’s Times Square billboard. Then, in July, McDonald’s hot McCafé cups and McDelivery seal stickers will lead customers to, where they can learn more about protecting themselves from COVID-19 infection and where to find local vaccine appointments. More information in the article at the website of QSR, link in the title.

Mövenpick Thailand offers self-quarantine packages

Mövenpick and Thai hospitals joined forces to provide international travelers with a comfortable and luxurious experience during the mandatory 14-day self-quarantine. Mövenpick Bangkok has made a number of ‘Wellness Suites’ available, rooms of more than 74 square meters equipped with smart TV, high-speed internet and a balcony overlooking the hotel garden. In addition, the care package includes a yoga exercise set with mat and three specially prepared daily meals. The ‘BDMS Wellness Resort’ is at least open until May 31st and costs about € 1.320,- for a two week ‘all-in stay’.

Habitas takes a big step in ecotourism sector with 3D printed hotels

Sustainable hotel chain Habitas has raised more than €18.5 million with a new investment round. The chain intents to build 10 to 12 new sustainable hotels in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. 3D printing is a relatively new, lightweight, flat-pack construction method in which construction costs are generally lower and sustainable materials are used. Habitas’ first hotel is operational in Tulum, Mexico. The hotel is described on its own website as a sustainable sanctuary, complete with palapa roofs and canvas walls. Is 3D printing the future in eco-tourism? In any case, there are still enough steps to be taken within the hospitality sector in the field of sustainability. More at the website of EuroNews, link in the title.

Guinness launches Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Beer

Irish beer brewer Guinness is once again expanding its assortment with a very special stout beer. The Guinness Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Beer contains – as the name suggests – tones of roasted coffee, espresso, chocolate and caramel, in combination with the strong Guinness flavor. The beer contains no caffeine and has an alcohol content of 4%. The Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Beer is a permanent addition to Guinness’ assortment and will also appear in liquor stores outside of Ireland later this year. More at FoodBeast, link in the title.

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