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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others a Big Green Egg BBQ Contest organized by FG Food Labs Rotterdam and Kwalitaria launches a new concept.

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Schilo van Coevorden celebrates the spring with Hanami menu

Taiko, the modern Asian restaurant at the Conservatorium hotel officially introduced the spring by introducing the Hanami menu. Chef Schilo van Coevorden gave his own interpretation to the traditional Hanami pickick. With a refined eight-course Hanami menu, guests will be taken on a journey through the seasonal highlights of Japan, China and Thailand.

FG Food Labs Rotterdam will organize the Big Green Egg BBQ Contest

FG Food Labs will organize it’s Big Green Egg BBQ Contest again this year. On the 25th of June, couples will compete with each other to become ‘grill masters of the year’. Participants will get different assignments of which one of them is to create a dish from ingredients in a black box. The winning couple will get rewarded with a Big Green Egg. The second and third place ‘winners’ will also receive an interesting price.

World Disco Soup Day should make the world aware about foodwaste

In more than 90 places worldwide, world’s first World Disco Soup Day will be celebrated. This will happening on Saturday the 29th of April. Youth from the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) are going to collect local food that otherwise would’ve been thrown away and celebrate an event where people can dance, eat soup and at the same time will be made aware of the world’s food waste issues.

Kwalitaria launches nieuw concept: Kwalitaria 4.0

Before 2020, franchise formula Kwalitaria is going to convert all its 150 locations to their new concept: Kwalitaria 4.0. Kwalitaria 4.0 will exist out of a wider assortment, a new design and a new logo. Martijn Boone, Marketing Manager explains: “We follow the latest trends and development in the market. Not only to stay relevant for our current guests but also to attract new people. Own research showed us that 50% from the market potential still haven’t visit us. With the new kwalitaria 4.0 we try to solve this problem. We have created for instance a new logo. Furthermore the modern interior design is designed in such way that people will sit longer. We also try to use many fresh- and homemade products with ingredients from sustainable sources. A good example is our burger concept. We make our burgers out of fresh meat from Dutch MRIJ-meat. The consumer appreciates our products and are willing to pay a bit more extra in return for good quality.”

Edible cars by Dutch and Belgium master chefs

Master chefs are collaborating with lifestyle-brands more and more. Together with Belgium master chefs Gert De Mangeleer, David Marten and Dominique Persoone, Dutch master chefs Sergio Herman and Jonnie Boer created their own version of a chocolate Land Rover Defender. Each chef has its own Land Rover as well and got therefore approached to design a praline filled chocolate that identified their personality. The chocolate Land Rover Defenders can only be bought at The Chocolate Line shops in Bruges and Antwerp from Dominique Persoone.

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