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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, among other links to articles about McDonald’s and Big Data, bottomless brunches and Champagne delivered by miniature train, and a cider for sea turtles!

And an article about Clear Channel that transformed Stockholm’s Metro in an emotion-triggered art exhibition! Also a video with a glimpse of the second location of the Instagrammable Poop Café in Oakville.

Domino’s Pizza is working on ‘in auto pizza ordering for customers’ and an article about Scotch Whisky that is protected by Blockchain technology. And if you’re going to Nappa Valley you could embark for a Murder Mystery Tour at the wine train.

Click on the title if you like to read the full article. Enjoy reading!

Clear Channel transformed Stockholm Metro into emotion-triggered art exhibition

Clear Channel has transformed Stockholm’s Metro into an emotion-triggered art exhibition in a bid to combat commuter stress. Stockholm’s Metro is internationally renowned for being the world’s longest ‘art gallery’, as beneath the city’s 14 islands, the 70-mile transport link is covered from start to finish in five decades worth of European art history, including paintings, carvings, sculptures and mosaics. Clear Channel – which owns 250 digital billboards across the Metro – is transforming the public transport service into the world’s longest digital art exhibition. Read the full article at The Drum.

Bottomless Brunch at Burger & Lobster | Champagne delivered by miniature train

Brunch and especially bottomless brunches are popular in London. At Burger & Lobster‘s new bottomless brunch, all the drinks comes from a train, chugging along the bar!  Check the images at the website of Secret London.

McDonald’s and Big Data | They bought start-up Dynamic Yield  

According to this article at Wired is McDonald’s set to announce that it has reached an agreement to acquire Dynamic Yield, a start-up based in Tel Aviv that provides retailers with algorithmically driven “decision logic” technology. They will start implementing Dynamic Yield first at their drive-thru windows. McDonald’s serves around 68 million customers every single day. The majority of those people never get out of their car, opting instead to place and pick up their orders at the drive-thru window.

Mac & Cheese flight at restaurant S’MAC

S’MAC (Sarita’s Macaroni ‘N’ Cheese) was the first ever restaurant to be devoted exclusively to mac & cheese. The idea behind S’MAC was to elevate macaroni & cheese from a perennial side dish to the status of a meal in and of itself.  When the owners first conceived of the idea, they believed that it could grow into something much larger than a single restaurant. Little did they know that upon opening their doors, they would be transformed from an unknown, small, edgy East Village restaurant (New York) to a high-traffic, high-volume restaurant with a cult following. The flight consists of the following flavours: 4cheeses, cheeseburger, All American, Napoletana, Parisienne, La Mancha and Alpine.

A glimpse into the second “Poop” Café in Oakville, Canada

We already wrote an article about the very “Instagrammable” Poop Café in Toronto and soon their second location will open in Oakville. They recently posted a video on Facebook with an insight in how ‘Instagrammable’ this location is. In 2016 the Poop Café, Toronto’s first toilet themed dessert bar, opened in Korea Town Toronto at Bloor Street West. The potty-themed café, like its counterparts in Asia (for example you will find poop café’s also in Seoul), does serve desserts themed around the dirty deed. Well, we wrote about it but we couldn’t imagine it would be a huge success. It is though! They have a big audience for a café on Facebook (20.000+ followers) and now they’re opening a second location in Oakville Ontario. We still can’t imagine a café like this being a huge success in the Netherlands, but we might be wrong on that one as well!

Cider for Sea Turtles

Four years ago ‘Proud Pour’ started to delight people with delicious drinks that help the planet. They launched an excellent Sauvignon Blanc that funds wild oyster reef restoration. Two years ago they released a Pinot Noir that plants bee habitat on farms. Now they’re crowdfunding to help bring to life their third beverage, a Cider for Sea Turtles, which will help rehabilitate injured sea turtles.

Proud Pour started selling their wines four years ago in one state with a one-person wine distributor and a single environmental nonprofit they supported. With real determination and some hard work, Proud Pour is now available in 575+ shops and restaurants in 21 states and supports the work of 20 environmental groups. With their first two wines they funded the restoration of 11 million oysters and 53 acres of bee habitat. The wines are always sustainable, vegan, and delicious according to the owners! Still 24 days to go as of today (29 of the March) of their Kickstarter crowdfunding.

Domino’s Pizza | In vehicle pizza ordering for customers

Domino’s Pizza will roll out in-car touchscreen ordering for new model vehicles that support the technology by the end of the year. Domino’s is working with Xevo, an in-vehicle commerce platform for connected cars — featuring smart sensors and other advanced technologies — to preload software enabling customers to order pizza while in the car. The new feature will be automatically configured onto millions of cars with the Xevo platform installed, according to the companies.

Blockchain-protected Scotch Whisky | Ailsa Bay By William Grant & Sons

William Grant & Sons, the company that own whisky brands including distilleries Glenfiddich and Balvenie, has a released a new whisky that uses blockchain technology to prevent counterfeiting and provide more information about its production. Teaming up with blockchain technology company arc-net, William Grant’s Ailsa Bay travel retail whisky uses blockchain ledgers that allow customers to track the whisky ‘from source to store’. Interesting read at the website of Forbes.

Napa valley | Wine train mystery tour

This April, the ‘Napa Valley Wine Train’ is offering spooky Murder Mystery Tour. The tour for wine lovers who enjoy a bit of role play. The Napa Valley Wine Train’s new Murder Mystery Tour is a monthly tour that will be available from April until November of this year. As soon as passengers board the train they will receive clues to trade with their fellow passengers. The goal is to collect enough information to identify the murderer before the three-hour tour ends. Included are: a full meal and plenty of wine. To complete the murder mystery theme, guests are also highly enjoyed to dress in their 1920s best. Great idea for those who are visiting Napa Valley this Spring, Summer or Autumn.

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