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At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week amongst others Dunkin’ Donuts with a Dutch twist and a pop-up restaurant in the Wolvenplein prison in Utrecht.

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Cigar and beverage pairing menu at Four Seasons Washington

The Bourbon Steak at Four Seasons Hotel Washington, offers its first cigar and beverage pairing menu. The event with the name Sip & Smoke will launch from Monday the 27th of March till Friday the 31st of March. The Sip & Smoke pairing menu showcases a carefully selected rotation of premium cigars with a range of unorthodox, complementary drinks, intended to enhance the experience. From craft cocktails to fine wines and spirits, the choices of Mason Foster, the certified tobacconist pushes the envelope of accepted standards.

Dunkin’ Donuts Amsterdam is selling donuts with a Dutch twist

Yesterday Dunkin’ Donuts opened its first store in the Netherlands. In the upcoming years Dunkin’ Donuts wants to open 25 additional stores in the Netherlands. The new establishment has several scoops. The interior of the store is designed according to the new Dunkin’ Donuts identity. Exclusive for the Netherlands, Dunkin’ Donuts added donuts to the assortment which are named after Dutch icons such as ‘Delfts Blauw’ (Delftware), ‘de Tulp’ (The Tulip) en ‘de Molen’ (The Windmill). Also a new coffee cookie will arrive, a donut with a traditional Dutch cookie taste.

Boutique Fitness Club | Krush-It in Braga, Portugal

Krush-It is a new boutique fitness club concept launched in the Nova Arcada shopping centre in the ancient city of Braga in northwestern Portugal. At the website of The Coolhunter lots of pictures of this boutique style fitness club. It’s created for the Kalorias fitness club chain by architects João Amaral and Manuela Tamborino, founders of Estúdio AMATAM. It must be highly inspiring to fitness in a surrounding like this. The fitness club landscape in Portugal’s urban areas is highly competitive and it is dominated by a few chains with large-size facilities competing on cost.

Pop-up restaurant De Lik opens in Utrechts’ prison ‘Wolvenplein’

Pop-up restaurant De Lik (Dutch slang for prison) opened the 23rd  of March in prison ‘de Wolvenplein’ in Utrecht located on the Wittevrouwensingel. Currently the prison is used for meetings and other business related events. Because of the restaurant, the prison will be accessible for people who always wanted to have a look inside the Wolvenplein prison. Freek van Kooten on behalf of De Lik: “We hope to create an unforced, relaxed atmosphere with good food and nice wines. The colors and materials of the building will be shown in the furniture and mastic. With the restaurant, we hope that everyone who already would like to have a look inside the prison is going to, while enjoying a great dinner.”

Zero waste club ‘De Fruithaven’ | Clubconcept of the future?

An interesting article written by Marlou Kusters on the website of Munchies about a new club ‘De Fruithaven’ in Rotterdam. De Fruithaven will open mid-April and is going to be located in a huge building between the Rotterdam fruit harbors. While people are partying, waste from local restaurants will make sure that enough electricity goes to the club in order to keep the music playing.

Seacuterie | salami or sea-lami

An article at Fine Dining Lovers about sea-lami, pastrami salmon, salmon rillette, tuna bresaola, octopus torchon, scallop mortadella and for example swordfish ham, in short about all seacuterie. In this article a couple of chefs creating their seacuterie, like David Burke (Tavern62, NYC), Aaron Black (PB Catch Seafood and Raw Bar, Palm Beach Florida), Markus Glocker (Bâtard in TriBeCa, New York) etcetera.

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