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  • Horecava Innovation AwardsHorecava Innovation Awards
  • Het ‘broeduurtje’ bij Bagels & BeansHet ‘broeduurtje’ bij Bagels & Beans
  • The Don van DAVO brouwerijThe Don van DAVO brouwerij
  • Horeca Expo Hardenberg - januari 2024Horeca Expo Hardenberg - januari 2024
  • Nationale ‘Week van Snoep Goed’Nationale ‘Week van Snoep Goed’
  • Puzzle of White CastlePuzzle of White Castle

At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the other trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week links to articles about, among other things, the ‘broeduurtje’ (translated: breeding hour) at Bagels & Beans, in honor of the launch of their new menu and in Dubai, the high tax on alcohol for 2023 will be canceled as a test.

Coffee pods without pods – a sustainable product from CoffeeB that can prevent a lot of ‘cup’ waste. In the Netherlands, ‘De Koffiejongens’ also sell biodegradable cups.

On 29, 30 and 31 January 2024, the completely new trade fair, Horeca Expo Hardenberg, will take place in the Evenementenhal Hardenberg. And next January 16 – on Blue Monday – the third edition of the National ‘Week of Good Snacking’ will start in the Netherlands. An action that you can respond to as a restaurateur by serving healthy homemade biscuits with your cup of coffee.

At the Horecava in Amsterdam, Redefine Meat was named overall winner of the Horecava Innovation Awards. And the winner of the ‘Beer of the year 2022 election’ in the Netherlands has been announced: The Don from the DAVO brewery.

The American chain White Castle, together with a New York artist, has turned distinctive artwork into a puzzle.

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Coffee pod without the pod

We recently wrote about a coffee without the beans by the Dutch start-up Northern Wonder and we spotted the molecular coffee of Atomo from Seattle before. Now we spotted coffee pods without the pod, sounds like sustainable companies who could easily be combined.

CoffeeB makes coffee pods without the pod. CoffeeB aims to give you the convenience and taste of capsule pods while avoiding all the waste. Created by Swiss company Delica, CoffeeB aims to completely cut the 100,000-plus tons of waste generated by more than 63 billion coffee pods consumed worldwide every year, according to a 2021 market research study by Euromonitor. That year, the Nespressos and Keurigs of the world grew 18% and made almost $13.5 billion. More details and background links in the article at Fast Company, link in the title. Check the CofeeB video below.

Here in the Netherlands ‘De Koffie Jongens’ (the Coffee Guys) are selling biodegradable coffee cup for your Nespresso machine as well.

Dubai cancels high alcohol tax for a year

30% alcohol tax suspended in Dubai, the suspension of the tax will last for a year, until December 31, 2023, as it is described as a trial period. It means bars, pubs, clubs, restaurants and hotels will make savings when they buy their stock and Dubai’s government reportedly expects that to be passed on to customers although this is not mandatory.

The plan is reportedly for the city to be a more affordable place to visit in 2023, with the price of drinks among some of the highest in the world right now. And it’s no longer cheaper for people to enjoy themselves in the other UAE Emirates.

White Castle partners with New York artist, turning distinctive art piece into a jigsaw puzzle

The chain White Castle has teamed up with New York artist Dave Pollot to turn one of his classic pieces into a jigsaw puzzle that’s for sale on White Castle’s House of Crave website. The net proceeds from the sale of the puzzle will benefit White Castle’s Team Member Relief Fund.

The famed home of The Original Slider® has turned one of Pollot’s collectible works of art into a 285-piece jigsaw puzzle, which is now available for sale while supplies last at the House of Crave, White Castle’s online store. Net proceeds from the sale of the puzzle, which costs $24.99 plus tax, will be donated to White Castle’s Team Member Relief Fund, an emergency support program designed to help team members who encounter unexpected financial hardships. More details in their press release, link in the title.

Redefine Meat overall winner Horecava Innovation Award

During the opening of the Dutch Horecava 2023, the winners of the Horecava Innovation Award were announced! The Food & Beverage category includes products with new flavours, flavour combinations or applications. Innovative in the market, surprising for the guest, commercially interesting for the entrepreneur. All food (in all states of processing; from fresh to ready-made) and beverages. Local and regional food & beverage products also fall within this category. Redefine Meat won in this category with the product ‘Redefine Beef Bavette’, they also won the overall Horecava Innovation Award. Redefine Meat uses technology, rather than animals, for their meat products. They call this New-Meat™ because it has the same taste, texture, mouthfeel and versatility as animal meat, but is 100% plant-based.

Horeca Expo brings Dutch hospitality industry together in Hardenberg

On January 29, 30 and 31 2024, the Evenementenhal Hardenberg (in the east of the Netherlands) will host the completely new trade fair: Horeca Expo Hardenberg. For three days, hospitality professionals can have all their senses stimulated by the latest products, services, techniques, flavours and trends. Horeca Expo Hardenberg brings together hospitality entrepreneurs and their teams in a ‘world of hospitality’ with the sector’s suppliers. Easyfairs talked to a large number of hospitality suppliers and entrepreneurs. From small specialty shops to starred restaurants and from food & drink suppliers to staffing services. It turned out there was a clear need for a hospitality fair in Hardenberg. International fair organiser Easyfairs also organizes the Horeca Expo Gent, the largest fair for the Belgian hospitality sector for 30 years with more than 600 exhibitors.

Winner of the ‘Beer of the year 2022’ announced in the Netherlands

The winner of the ‘Beer of the Year 2022 election’ has been announced! A total of 12 beers competed for this prestigious title. The Don from brewery DAVO managed to get the best score and had been in the lead since March. ‘I have a brush on you’ by Jopen Beer also managed to get a great score which put them in second place.

DAVO – The Don is a Russian Imperial Stout and has a sweet flavour with a bitter accent and hints of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. The beer is enriched with Firean Whisky which gives the beer a firm body. See the total results in the link in the title.

Dutch National ‘Week of eat Good Snacks’ starts on Blue Monday 2023

Over a quarter of Dutch people are left with a negative feeling after eating an unhealthy snack. Despite this negative feeling, only 12 per cent of Dutch people replace an unhealthy snack for a healthy alternative every day. This is according to research by ‘Stichting Week van Snoep Goed’, conducted by Markteffect. To make Dutch people more aware of their candy and snacking patterns and their short- and long-term consequences, this coming January 16th – on Blue Monday – the third edition of the National ‘Week of Snoep Goed’ (eat Good Snacks) kicks off. Take action during Snoep Goed Week (link to website in title):

Start small – Don’t switch to a totally different lifestyle overnight. This is less easy to sustain. Focus on snacks during Snack Good Week and let this be the first step towards more (small) changes.

Know what you eat – Eat as nutritious and healthy as possible, such as vegetables, fruits, legumes and nuts. Still fancy a quick packaged snack? Then go for a sensible alternative with less salt and refined sugars. Check the ingredients carefully so you know what you are eating.

Size matters – Pay attention to the size of your portion. You can have healthy snacks, but if you eat too much of a certain product, it can still be unhealthy.

Do it together – Involve your partner, children, friends, colleagues or teammates in the Week of Snacking Well challenge: everyone can join in! This way, you can keep motivating each other.

Another action you can capitalise on as a restaurateur by serving healthy homemade biscuits made for example from dates and ground almonds, with your cup of coffee.

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