Trends we spotted this week – week 42


At Horecatrends we spot a lot of national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write articles about, the smaller trends we use in our column ‘Trends we spotted this week’. This week among others, Karl Lagerfeld will launch a hotel brand, some examples of the use of rooftops in Melbourne and a new beer.

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Karl Lagerfeld will launch a hotel brand

It might be a predictable leap to start his own hotel brand. He designed the Coco Chanel suite in the recently reopened Ritz Paris and in 2017 the Karl Lagerfeld Hotel in Macau will open. Karl Lagerfeld Hotels & Resorts will include hotels, residential properties, restaurants and private clubs. The venture into hotels is in partnership with Brandmark Collective BV.

Notel claims not to be a hotel

Notel popped up at the roof of a building in Melbourne, Australia. The trailer park Hotel is created by James Fry: “It’s an experience that is 50% about the bed and the other 50% about Melbourne.”6 re-fitted 1930’s Airstream trailers will accommodate guests. No reception, concierge or room service available. Entrance is through a door on which is noted ‘in a car park’ with a lock-code received from a specially designed smartphone app. Check out the great pictures at Pop Up City.

Rooftops are hot in Melbourne

The St. Jerome’s – The Hotel invites their guests to step into a world where luxury accommodation meets the elemental outdoors. They are breaking new ground for luxury camping, glamping. Placed on the rooftop of Melbourne Central Shopping Centre, St. Jerome’s – The Hotel is comprised of 21 spacious world-class standard canvas bell tents dressed with all the lavish trimmings expected of a luxury hotel.

IntelligentX beer: the world’s first beer brewed by artificial intelligence

IntelligentX Brewing Company created a premium beer with artificial intelligence. Using complex machine learning algorithms to improve itself from feedback. After people have tried one of the four bottled conditioned beers, they can tell A.I. what they think of it via their online feedback system. This data is then used by their algorithm to brew the next batch. Because their A.I. is constantly reacting to user feedback, they brew beer that matches what people want. IntelligentX Brewing Company is UK-based. Check out their video on the website.


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