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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others AB InBev develops greener way to put bubbles in your beer, the 10 most instagrammable hotels in the world and Cafe Latte flavored water released in Japan.

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ABInBev develops greener way to put bubbles in your beer | No boil beer brewing saves water and reduces carbon emissions

Gas bubbles will be generated without boiling, which AB InBev says will cut its CO2 emissions. The world’s largest brewer is rolling out what it claims is a greener way to put bubbles in beer at a crucial early stage in its production, and reduce its CO2 emissions by 5%. The new method involves heating the brew to below boiling point and then blowing nitrogen or CO2 into the tank to create bubbles without changing the taste. Read the article at The Guardian for more details.

Pop-up experiment SAARTJ | White people pay more than the people of colour

Saartje has come to Detroit as a pop-up experience, serving food alongside an experiment that tests how people view racial inequality. A few month ago, chef Tunde Wey managed to serve food while setting up a social experiment in New Orleans. He suggested that white customers pay 2.5 times more than the people of colour at restaurant SAARTJ – and 80% of white people did. According to NPR, the median income of black families continues to fall, while that of white households remains steady – a 54% inequality gap. Visitors will fill out a form that asks them about their race, gender, education and income. This information is then used to influence the menu, cost and define the experience, aiming to be tailored to the individual’s privilege as the restaurant calculates it. The decision to open a pop-up in Detroit stems from the fact that the city went through and continues to go racial issues, including the race riots of 1967.

Hotel of the future | Tetra Hotel, made of concrete pods

This hotel of the future looks like something straight out of Star Wars. Engineers from the Canadian firm WSP have joined forces with Innovation Imperative to create plans for a fascinating new hotel with a modular set-up comprised of concrete pods. The project is called Tetra Hotel and while no location for it has as yet been finalized, it is a concept that sounds exciting and futuristic. Check out the amazing sketches.

Sushi Art | Shoeshi

Inspiration for those who are getting bored with always the same shapes of sushi! Sushi specialist Yujia Hu aka The Onigiri Artist is famous for his shoe-shaped sushi. He shares some of his most famous work in Shoeshi, a 64-page book that will teach you how to make sushi that looks like Jordan 1s, NMDs, Yeezys and more. Check out his Instagram account for other examples.

Insta-travel | The 10 most instagrammable hotels in the world

We can’t say it enough: Insta-travel is the new norm. Vacationers seek out the world’s most picture-perfect hotels and plan their trips around snapping the perfect ‘Gram. One in six admit they chose a hotel based on its potential social media ‘brag-ability’, so to celebrate the most brag-worthy hotels in its portfolio,® has revealed 10 of the most Instagrammable hotels around the world.

Art in ad places | Public art for New York City’s payphones

‘Art in Ad Places’ is a public service, a campaign replacing outdoor advertising with artwork. They partnered with artists to install their work in payphones across New York City. Beginning in 2017, installing new artwork every week for a year. Another great initiative from the art world; we loved the ‘Art Ahead’ campaign from the Louvre in Abu Dabhi ( and we love these art in NYC’s payphone boots.

Cafe Latte flavored water released in Japan

Asahi Soft Drinks released cafe latte flavored water. Asahi’s Clear Latte, which is described as “clear espresso and milk,” has zero caffeine, no fat, and is low calorie. It’s apparently made from expresso extract, whey minerals from raw milk and Asahi’s delicious water. In Japan they already sell yogurt flavoured water!

South Korea makes corn dogs better with tulips

Inspiration for the Dutch snack bars in towns near the tulip fields and the restaurants in the famous Keukenhof!  At Everland, South Korea’s largest theme park, tulips are in bloom. To celebrate its Tulip Festival, the flowers are even emblazoned on corn dogs. The batter isn’t corn-based like in the States, but is more akin to pancake or waffle batter.

UK bakery Paul’s | Minced meat-infused Croissant as on-the-go breakfast

UK-based bakery Paul added its own twist to the classic croissant late last year with the launch of its minced meat-infused pastries. Inspired by traditional meat pie dish, the hybrid snack is ideal for on-the-go. The hybrid snack follows in the footsteps of popular viral desserts like the cronut or cruffin but spotlights a savoury flavour profile versus one that is on the sweeter and more indulgent side.

Small local businesses to set up shops at airports | LaunchPad program by Fraport USA

Airport retail can often feel boring, with the same selection of newsstands, coffee shops and duty-free stores. Airport developer Fraport USA is looking to change that with its LaunchPad program, which has just been through a successful pilot at Baltimore’s BWI Airport. LaunchPad supports small local businesses in setting up shop at the airport, where they can put their products in front of thousands of customers each day and in turn give the terminal more of a neighborhood feel.

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