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The weather in countries like the Netherlands and Belgium is unpredictable, even in the summer months of July and August it can rain for a number of days. That’s not what you hope for when you’re on a camping trip with friends. The Treck Hostel in Belgium has the solution: a camping in a an old industrial building with a roof upon you head.

Treck Hostel

The Treck Hostel in Ghent consists of nine themed caravans, two dormitories (5 and 13 beds) and a few spots where visitors can place their tents. The property, an old stone bakery, is furnished with second-hand goods such as old sofas, camping chairs and hammocks.

The indoor bar at the campsite attracts locals and visitors from outside to the hostel. “That has always been our goal. We try to involve the neighborhood as much as possible in this tourism project. Therefore, the bar is opened daily to residents”, says Iris, one of the two initiators of Treck Hotel.

Another example of ‘involving the neighborhood in the project is the ‘Fietskeuken’, also located in the building. At the ‘Fietskeuken’, tourists can rent bicycles while locals have a place to bring their bicycles for maintenance. Regular concerts are organized on a regular basis, accessible to everyone and a great way to keep the living alive.


The Treck Hostel is not the first indoor camping we spotted, four years ago we wrote about the Basecamp Youth Hostel in Bonn, Germany, located inside a former storage facility. All the ‘rooms’ of the hotel are camping trailers and other retro vehicles.

Website: Treck Hostel

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