TOP Foodlab reintroduces forgotten veggies


  • groente

TOP Foodlab reintroduces forgotten vegetables through a new product range. With interesting names like ‘witches turnip’, ‘spine pumpkin’ and ‘kidney cabbage’ these vegetables get a second life. The witches turnip is bitter when it’s raw, but sweet if it’s done. The spine pumpkin has a sweet nutmeg-alike taste and the kidney cabbage has a spicy, mustard-alike taste. These old crops are not edible raw but pickled for conservation and consumption. 

Update: The article is a hoax by TOP Foodlab. With these ‘forgotten’ vegetables TOP Foodlab wants to raise awareness for the real forgotten vegetables; 40% of the vegetables that are wasted in the entire food chain from  producer to consumer.


Website: Top Foodlab

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