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The TIPPR app is exclusively available for hospitality professionals who like to stay informed of market innovations and trends. Even during the busy daily operations. The app ensures that looking for trends, knowledge, tips and innovative products doesn’t have to be time consuming. A special developed algorithm ensures that you only see what you want.

Exclusively for hospitality professionals

 We briefly spoke with the director of TIPPR, Colin Westerwoudt, who has an employment history in the foodservice. While downloading the app, we quickly found out that you won’t get any access until you’ve proven to be a hospitality professional. This has been done with a reason. “TIPPR aims to connect hospitality professionals only and is therefore a closed community. Others won’t get access. This is why you couldn’t get in at first”, Colin told us.

It makes sense, the app is the connection between the hospitality industry and supplies and thus doesn’t target consumers. A smart algorithm ensures that you only see the content that you want to see. Colin: “Inspiration can be about new products, trends, knowledge, tips, anything! By using the ‘demo button’ in the app, you only get suppliers visiting you with products you’re interested in. Hospitality professionals will get more qualitative offers while suppliers have a bigger chance of success.”

Time for it?

Sounds good but the big question remains: do hospitality professionals have time for this? Or, are they interested to make time for this as a busy summer is coming up. Is the app taking too much time? Colin doesn’t think so: “The advantage is that you stay up-to-date within a few minutes. You’ll get inspiration through the app, a better relationship with suppliers that you actually like and asking for a sample is easy. There are no other information channels within the hospitality where so much independent information can be found about food services.”

Fortunately, we managed to receive a temporary access code from Colin to review the app. And the app is easy to work with. Enter your information and once logged in, you can indicate your interests. Based on this, you will get trends, products and tips that you can judge (fun – less fun) or swipe away. The more often you do this, the more personalized content you get!

Download TIPPR

The app is free to download for hospitality professionals. You can register via the app store and request an invitation. You can also register yourself (as a supplier or user) via www.TIPPR.pro. In the Apple & Android store (both free), the app can be found under the name ‘TIPPR’.

Website: TIPPR Pro

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