The world’s first online 100% direct trade coffee platform TYPICA launched in the Netherlands


  • Online 100% direct trade coffee platform TYPICA
  • Online 100% direct trade coffee platform TYPICA
  • Online 100% direct trade coffee platform TYPICA
  • Online 100% direct trade coffee platform TYPICA
  • Online 100% direct trade coffee platform TYPICA

The international coffee platform TYPICA launched in the Netherlands this week. This revolutionary online initiative paves the way for (small-scale) coffee producers and family businesses to distribute high- quality green coffee beans in a sustainable way. Coffee roasters can import green coffee beans from just one jute bag (60 kg). They also have access to exclusive information about the coffee producer and the coffee plantation, they stimulate the production of (small-scale) coffee producers and the coffee roaster can choose from more than 1000 unique specialty coffees. The platform is based on a well-functioning business model that improves the sustainability of high-quality coffee and leaves more turnover for the (small-scale) coffee producer. The platform currently consists of more than 2000 coffee roasters and coffee producers from twelve countries who trade directly with each other.

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Worldwide expansion | Coffee platform TYPICA now also accessible in the Netherlands

The success of TYPICA is enormous. Since its launch in April 2021, TYPICA has grown within one year to a network of more than 2000 coffee producers and roasters from 12 countries. This month TYPICA will be launched in Europe, United Kingdom, South Korea and Taiwan. “By increasing the direct trade of green coffee, the quality of life of producers, roasters and consumers can be improved at the same time and the sustainability of our world can be increased. As a result, I strive to continue to develop a platform that all coffee lovers in the world can be a part of,” says Mashahi Goto.

Check out how the platform works in this video, the tekst will continue below.

100% direct trade available for the (small-scale) coffee producer

TYPICA was founded in April 2021 by the Japanese Ayane Yamada and Masashi Goto from the need for a platform where 100% direct trade was possible, also for smaller coffee products. This group was often left out because of the high minimum quantity per delivery (1 full sea container) and the high financial costs. TYPICA changes this: 100% direct trade is already possible via the online platform from 1 jute bag (60 kg). With this revolutionary platform, (small-scale) coffee producers, who previously did not have the quantity and financial resources to export, get the opportunity to participate in delivering high quality coffee beans directly to the coffee roaster. Efficient and fair, because this way more turnover remains for the (small-scale) coffee producer.

By 2025, TYPICA wants to grow into a community with more than 5000 coffee producers in 70 countries. The focus for the first year is on creating a community with 3000 coffee producers in 59 countries, including the Netherlands.

Website: TYPICA

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