The Vega Pop-up restaurant will be in Rotterdam in October


From the first of October the Vega Pop-up restaurant will serve exclusively vegetarian and vegan dishes in their pop-up restaurant in Rotterdam for five days per week (Wednesday/Sunday). They will be in the ‘Westelijk Handelsterrein’ in Rotterdam for the entire month of October.

Why a Vega Pop-up restaurant?

Earlier we wrote about the initiative of, amongst others, Friedjof Kempenaar. They want to show the people in the Netherlands that the vegetarian kitchen is already far beyond the ‘Birkenstock’-image. They serve various small dishes to choose from the menu but you can also opt for a full evening menu. The dishes are served in the size of a ‘side dish’ so that you can taste even more … The wine list is vegan as well, which means that the wines are not filtered with the use of animal products.

Improve the image of the vegetarian and vegan cuisine

Vega Pop-up responds to the lack of good, but especially modern, vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the Netherlands. Through a variety of campaigns and food scandals, more and more people start eating ‘mindfully’ and sometimes even make the choice to eat vegetarian or vegan. At most restaurants the choice for these people is still poor. The Vega Pop-up is serving a trendy choice of vegan or vegetarian dishes and is having a cocktail bar and a DJ until the early hours on Friday and Saturday.

Website: Vega Pop-up

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