The use of power banks in the hospitality industry


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For restaurant owners it will always be important to continue to respond to the needs of the modern guest. The modern guest with his cell phone, we mean! We have already seen several solutions for this, from actions to enthuse guests to switch off the phone during dinner to offering various possibilities to charge their mobile. This doesn’t always have to go hand in hand with huge investments, an example of restaurant De Dorpskamer in Ermelo (the Netherlands), which offers their guests power banks to charge their mobile phone at the table.

From festivals to cafes and restaurants

At festivals it has already been possible to charge your phone by means of a powerbank. At Lowlands (festival in the Netherlands), for example, they have special ‘Charge Your Phone’ stands and the telephone provider Proximus offered power banks at the Rock Werchter festival. At this festival you pay 5 coins deposit (corresponds to approximately € 12.50) and you pay 2 coins for the charge (€ 5.00).

Offering power banks is not just happening at festivals anymore. Several cafés and restaurants are already using it to provide extra service. Especially restaurants located on cycle routes or near campsites can make their guests extra happy. At the restaurant where I have been working for a number of years now, the ‘Dorpskamer’ in Ermelo they now use the powerbanks of Xtorm. They have purchased a docking charging station with room for 6 power banks. One power bank can charge 2 telephones at the same time. It’s of course not entirely unique, they also offer this service for example at restaurant het Hooihuis in Roosendaal since September 2017.

Advantages of the use of power banks in the hospitality industry

In my view, offering power banks has several advantages. Since it’s still far from being a standard service everywhere, you can use it to positively surprise your guests. It can also increase the chances of guests promoting your restaurant through social media. After all, this possibility is not available for people with an empty battery ;-). It can also extend the length of stay in your restaurant, a phone is not charged in 10 minutes, most iPhone’s with a regular charger need at least 2 hours. The advantage over other solutions such as the ‘Implug‘ and the ‘Charge to go‘ pillars is that the guest can keep his mobile phone on the table.

The Xtorm Business Charge ‘N Go 6, a docking station including 6 power banks with the energy to charge 2 phones, is already available from € 422.29. Use it to your advantage!

Article written by Mike Adam

Website: Xtorm

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