The supermarket of the future by Coop Italy


Back to the future? More like forward to the past. Coop Italy, Italy’s biggest grocery cooperative introduced their idea, the supermarket of the future at the Expo Milan in 2015. At the beginning of April 2016 they showcased it at Microsoft’s Envision Conference. They are using futuristic technology to help shoppers return to the sociable days of open-air markets, when there were shopkeepers at every stall, ready to answer any question a customer might have about their wares.

The supermarket of the future

An interesting blog about Coop Italia’s ‘supermarket of the future’, designed by Carlo Ratti with a lot of digital design that creates a more human shopping experience using a range of off-the-shelf technology. The concept replaces the typical grocery stores rows of towering shelves with an airy layout, including easy-to-reach, titled displays and informative screens suspended at eye level. Motion sensors detect which product a shopper is pointing or looking at, triggering visual displays of information such as ingredients, potential allergens, the origin or processing of the food, its carbon footprint, and even wine pairing recommendations.

Interesting read if you’re interested in retail! The video above kind of sums it up!

Website: The supermarket of the future

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