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As more and more people find their way to Airbnb, it’s time for the hotel industry to respond. The Standard Hotels, which has a number of hotels in America, therefore introduced the Stowaway program. The program focusses on guests in search for a for a long stay room or apartment, if they decide to book at The Standard, they’ll enjoy a variety of new and luxurious offerings.

Stowaway program

Designed for travelers booking to stay seven nights or longer, the Stowaway program allows guests to curate their own environment on property, enjoying perks that create a feeling of home comfort throughout the duration of their stay. In addition to having a personal concierge, available whenever you may need them, guests will enjoy access to amenities such as a Tesla to drive around town (pending availability), guaranteed restaurant reservations, a personalized snack basket filled with your favorite healthy snacks, exclusive fitness experiences, and more. If the above perks are not incentive enough, stowaways will also receive up to 40% off rooms and exclusive rates for companions to join them.

Stowaway is the latest offering of high level guest services that The Standard has become known for. An enhancement of the Standard Time program – where Standard hotel guests could check in and out at their chosen time – Stowaway is focused on further tailoring the guest experience to mirror the same level of comfort they would experience in their own space.

Website: Standard Hotel

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