The Sleepboxx, a basic mobile hotel


Adhoc, restaurant and hotel real estate brokerage has an unique object for sale: the Sleepboxx, a basic mobile hotel.

The Sleepboxx

The Sleepboxx is in very good condition. The trailer has been built professionally at high quality in 2013/2014. Useful for events with the need for sleeping places nearby the event. The Sleepboxx consists of 4 rooms and 24 sleeping places. The rooms have 6 beds in triple stock sleeping beds. The trailer is equipped with solar panels, LED lighting and doors with code locks. The solar panels ensure the energy consumption remains low and at events with a limited number of power points this is even more convenient. The whole Sleepboxx needs one regular electricity group. Just plug & play rooms which can also be provided with advertising. The truck will be disconnected, so the tank and fuel is not in the near vicinity.

Examples from the past.

When we started in 2007 one of the first trends we spotted was, Hotel Movil from Spain, the first pop-up hotel in a trailer. Since the site no longer exists, we have linked to a video about the hotel truck.

The question remains whether such initiatives have been on the market too early or they should have chosen for more luxurious rooms? In the USA every movie star has his or her own trailer on a movie set ;-). But with the forthcoming festival and sport season, such a truck might be convenient for those who need to be constantly present at the location. Look at the Adhoc website.


Website: Adhoc

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