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  • The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Brain Food Forum - credits Alberto Grasso

Saturday 30th October will see the launch of The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Brain Food Forum, an exchange of knowledge and ideas between young chefs and nine of the greatest chefs in the world. An exceptional opportunity for both industry professionals and food lovers to join nine of the greatest chefs in the world as they take part in this forum.

The event will be held at the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2019-2021 grand final and is curated by Fine Dining Lovers with editor-in-chief Ryan King offering insight and mediation in his role as host. The key themes of Taste & Creativity chosen to reiterate the core values of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy: an online educational platform created to attract, connect and nurture diverse talent in the world of gastronomy. The Brain Food Forum will be available to view via a live stream on Fine Dining Lovers on Saturday 30th October from 9.30am-12.30pm (Central European Summer Time), the link requires sign-up. By continuing reading you will learn more about the chefs attending the event.

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What to expect from the S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Brain Food Forum?

These are the chefs attending: Massimo Bottura, Virgilio Martinez, Mauro Colagreco, Manu Buffara, Clare Smyth, Andreas Caminada, Gavin Kaysen, Pim Techamuanvivit and Enrico Bartolini. They can be followed, via a live stream, exchanging knowledge and ideas between themselves and young chefs on the themes of ‘Taste & Creativity’.

The inaugural event will take place in Milan, where Massimo Bottura and Virgilio Martinez will discuss the themes of Taste & Creativity, presenting topics to demonstrate how creativity, drive for taste, and discovery does not just result in delicious food, but can also change lives. In addition to Bottura and Martinez, the forum will host seven additional leading figures in global gastronomy: Mauro Colagreco (Italian-Argentine chef at the three-Michelin-star restaurant Mirazur in Menton, France), Manu Buffara (executive chef and owner of Manu in Curitiba, which is paving the way for gastronomy in Brazil), Clare Smyth (the first and only female chef to run a restaurant with three Michelin stars in the UK), Andreas Caminada (at the age of only 33, he earned three Michelin stars, and today showcases his vision of gastronomy in the historic 13th-century castle of Schauenstein, Switzerland), Gavin Kaysen (James Beard Award winner and one of the founding mentors of the nonprofit Mentor BKB Foundation (formerly Bocuse d’Or USA Foundation), Pim Techamuanvivit (owner of Nari, Kamin, and Michelin-starred Kin Khao in San Francisco, and the executive chef of Michelin-starred Nahm in Bangkok in 2019) and Enrico Bartolini (three-star Michelin chef originally from Tuscany is one of Italy’s, and the world’s, brightest gastronomic talents). These Seven Sages will make up a panel of experts that will invite questions and discussion around the themes of Taste & Creativity.

Young talents and previous winners of the S.Pellegrino Young Chef competition, Mitch Lienhard (USA, 2016) and Mark Moriarty (UK & Ireland region, 2015) will also be in attendance to discuss expectations of young chefs today and their experiences in the industry.

Follow the launch event

The S.Pellegrino Young Chef Academy Brain Food Forum will continue to take place at various locations across the globe, offering insight across varying themes with the aim of providing direct access to knowledge from global figures in the hospitality industry. The link to the live stream!

Website: Fine Dining Lovers

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