The Roast Room | Opening of their new butchery


  • The Roast Room - Butcher-to-table
  • The Roast Room - Butcher-to-table
  • The Roast Room - Butcher-to-table

The butchery of The Roast Room in Amsterdam will open its doors on the 5th of December. Thanks to the butchery you won’t have to reserve a table anymore to eat one of the delicious steaks of The Roast Room, just simply buy a piece at the butchery. The Roast Room anticipates on the butcher-to-table trend with the opening of their new butchery.

Butchery of The Roast Room

A visit to the Roast Room, named as best meat restuarant in The Netherlands in 2016, is an unique meat experience. True meat lovers can enjoy the finest cuts of meat, burgers, and sausages from the butchery. “The butchery is an extension of the restaurant kitchen in which I will show the craftsmanship. We will use the whole animal, from nose to tail, (…..)”. Says owner Michiel Deenik who wants to use The Roast Room to put the butchery in the spotlights.

The Butcher

The man behind the butchery of the Roast Room is Pim Dijkstra. Pim has all the titles you can achieve as a butcher. Only the best of the best meat is sold in both the Roast Room and the butchery. This includes O’Sullivan dry aged-, Grainfed-, Wagyu-, Rubia- and Simmental beef. In addition, it’s possible to get an extended cooking advice of the piece of meat you bought. This way you can make sure your steak will taste (almost) as good as in the restaurant. The butchery will also sell various spices, sauces and other products to compliment the meat.

Butcher-to-table trend

As counterpart to the increasingly popular ‘Vegetarian Butchery’-concepts that we spotted worldwide we see more and more ’meat- or fish jewelers’ in both restaurants and fish & butcher shops. Here focus is on design and only the best of the best in terms of their product, real nose-to-tail butchers. Sometimes they even combine a traditional butchery with a restaurant – which creates a real butcher-to-table restaurant. As example: you can eat fried pig tail or baked chicken hearts at Parts & Labor in Baltimore.

Website: The Roast Room

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