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I must admit that I am a real Francophile, and reading the press releases about the opening of Ritz Paris Le Comptoir on the 7th of June, really made me want to go back to Paris! High on my to-do-list would be picking up a croissant or a square piece of cheesecake with wild strawberries at Le Comptoir! François Perret has reinvented the croissant in the new Ritz Paris Le Comptoir store, this boutique gourmande is located at 38 rue Cambon a few blocks from the entrance of the hotel on Place Vendôme. With only a few seats (5 tables), it is mainly a takeaway boutique where, in addition to its ‘reinvented’ croissants, you can order luxury sandwiches, ‘les boissons pâtissières’, madeleines and lots of viennoiserie to go.

So if you go to Paris this summer, treat yourself to a visit to the boutique and enjoy your delicacies in a Parisian park! ^Marjolein

François Perret & The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir

François Perret got the inspiration for The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir from the Netflix series ‘The Chef in a Truck’. He realized that you can merge excellence and simplicity. The opening of this boutique gourmande allows Parisians and aficionados to take his pastries home and enjoy the luxury and reputation of the Ritz Paris. He says he enjoys experiencing the spontaneous reactions to the treats at take-out and experiencing the sharing of photos and so on. The pastry chef also has a first in the history of the hotel: he is in the spotlight of the prestige Ritz Paris. He is an ambassador of a know-how that promotes the luxury world of the Ritz in a more accessible way.

Special patisserie, Croissants and ‘Boissons Pâtissières’

You can buy delicious cheesecake with wild strawberries, madeleines in different flavours with candied fruits such as raspberries and passion fruit, and much more viennoiserie or pastries. Depending on the season, they serve éclairs, baba au rhum, millefeuille and even pies to share. Their cake marbré and barquette au caramel also look delicious, François Perret also uses these delicacies and his madeleines in his ‘Boissons Pâtissières’, or luxury drinkable signature dessert drinks. They’re described in French as: “un lait biscuité avec des sauces très légères avec des toppings gastronomiques”. It sounds a bit like a much more luxurious form of a pie shake that we wrote about a long time ago.

The croissants and the pains au chocolat are made fresh from the puff pastry of the Chef Pâtissier at various times and are served as ‘sticks’. They look gorgeous in the picture and not that big! Also served as ‘sticks’ are the lunch sandwiches in three versions: the Caesar – inspired by the salad with a twist by François Perret, a sandwich with salmon, a more traditional version with soft sandwich bread and the Vegan based on Focaccia bread.

You will get your delicacies served in luxury boxes illustrated with the image of César Ritz and Auguste Escoffier. Ritz Paris Le Comptoir is open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Website: The Ritz Paris Le Comptoir

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