The Repour smart stopper | fresh wine, time after time


The repour stoppers provide a simple, effective way to keep your favourite wine fresh once opened.

Pop the “smart stopper” into the bottle and the unique oxygen absorbing technology within the stopper gets to work removing the oxygen within the bottle that causes your wine to deteriorate.

The Repour – oxygen level below 0.05%

Research shows that Repour reduces the oxygen levels within the bottle to below 0.05% – significantly lower than other wine saver products on the market, allowing you to enjoy your favourite wine for longer.

How Does the Repour Work?

The science behind Repour is simple. By putting the oxygen-absorbing material in the Repour smart stopper, it is able to continuously de-gas the oxygen from the air above the wine in the bottle, and from the wine itself. Bringing the level of oxygen down below 0.05%! This means the next time you want to enjoy your wine, it will be so fresh you may even want to let it “open up” again.


In 14 days the goal of $15,000.= has to be collected. The total amount of the project is now funded for 76% so it still needs some financial support. Want to support the project? Visit the Kickstarter website.


Website: The Repour

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