The Null Stern-Hotelkonzept has opened again!


From 2008 till 2010 the Null Stern-Hotelkonzept, or in plain English the Zero Star Hotel concept, got a lot of attention worldwide. The first concept was in a former nuclear bunker in Teufen. Now the twins, Frank and Patrick Riklin restarted the concept with an open air hotel in the Swiss mountains of the Bündnerland in the Safiental. The only thing provided is a bed!

The Null Stern-Hotelkonzept in 2016

Together with Daniel Charbonnier, Managing Partner of Minds in Motion SA, the twins opened the hotel in the beginning of July. The Zero Star Hotel is also a collaboration with the Tourist board of the Safiental. A double bed in a hotel room at 1970 meters high and without any walls, roof, bathroom or even a toilet! But with a lot of fresh air and a sublime view! You can now book and it will cost you 250 Swiss Francs. The room comes with a butler service, you will get coffee and an organic sandwich in the morning!

The brothers are considering to open more Zero Start Hotels in other Swiss regions in collaboration with local tourist boards. Their slogan: Zero Stars, the only star is you! Although we think that you might spot a lot of stars if it doesn’t rain! That’s their biggest worry probably, too much rain and consequently cancellations…..

Great ad for the Safiental!

Website: Null Stern-Hotelkonzept

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