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  • nOcean StrawletnOcean Strawlet
  • nOcean StrawletnOcean Strawlet
  • nOcean StrawletnOcean Strawlet
  • nOcean StrawletnOcean Strawlet
  • nOcean StrawletnOcean Strawlet
  • nOcean StrawletnOcean Strawlet

The nOcean Strawlet is a cross between a reusable straw and a Livestrong bracelet. Being a stylish bracelet means you’ll always have it on you and it sparks conversations about changing our ways and eliminating single use plastics. The product is made of recycled materials so the straws won’t be creating any more waste on the planet! Half of all the profits from nOcean Strawlets go towards charities that are ridding the Ocean of garbage so not only will you look good, but you’ll feel good too! Each one comes with a cleaning spigot plus cover and there’s also an optional bangle cover.

The nOcean Strawlet | Your livestrong bracelet

Here are some of the Strawlet features:

Always have it on you – It isn’t practical to carry straws to every place you go. Being wearable brings more functionality and style to your reusable straw.

Fits all sizes – People are all different shapes and sizes, and it’s essential that the strawlets can be worn by everyone.

Optional protective cover – Sometimes you get dirty, so each straw comes with its own protective cover.

Made out of recycled materials – The straws won’t be creating any more waste on the planet but taking from it!

You’ll be supporting ocean cleaning actions – Although having a non-disposable straw helps to decrease plastic pollution, we know it isn’t enough. Everyone who gets a nOcean Strawlet will also be helping ocean charities and get’s to be involved in the process.

Why straws? – Single use plastics are a serious environmental problem. Between 2000-2010 we created more single use plastics that the entire 20th century. The cost is too high for many types of plastics to be recycled. They end up being incinerated with other trash, in landfills, or worst of all in the ocean.

Will one straw help? nOcean Strawlet on Kickstarter

While not creating more waste is important, there’s still the issue of dealing with the garbage already in the ocean, and ensuring ocean friendly policies are implemented. The Kickstarter project has been backed already but still open, the crowdfunding will get nOcean Strawlet off the ground and running. As the company grows, nOcean will use 50% of its annual net profits to take plastic out of the Ocean. They plan on working with manufactures to produce products ethically and recycle the used materials.

Website: nOcean Strawlet

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