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Many dangerous and painful things can happen in a bathroom. At the moment you reach the age of 55, one slip can result in a bruising or fracture. The Marvelmat offers a solution to this problem. The mat gives you the highest level of safety and comfort during shower time. Hotels can add the hygienic mat to its amenities by using a small bag. It is a unique, patented, disposable and non-skid bathmat. Besides the regular design, a hotel can customize it with logo’s, pictures or texts, with the range of all colours available.

The Marvelmat | The safety of your guest is your top priority, right?

The importer of the Marvelmat likes to see its products as an extra service towards guests. Well, from my own experience, I can say that this can be an important additional service. Think of it, we travel quit a lot and more and more hotels are making the decision to place a walk-in shower in their rooms instead of a bath/shower combination. Like last time, when we booked a hotel with bath/shower combinations in their rooms. Although the hotel gave me a warning, I still managed to slip during the morning shower. Of course, the hotel owned a few mats but didn’t place it into our room. Besides that, I am not a fan of the unhygienic plastic bath mats at all. The Marvelmat is a solution for hotels. Hygiene and safety for your guest is your top priority right?

The Marvelmat is made of a synthetic material and is resistant to water, soap and oils.  A non-slip treatment is applied in the lower part for a better grip on any surface, increasing its effectiveness on wet surfaces. Although the mat is a onetime-use product, guests can use it during their whole stay. ^Marjolein

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