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  • House of Fermentation credits Four Bent Corners
  • House of Fermentation credits Four Bent Corners
  • Codium is one of the ingredients of Kimchi at House of Fermentation - credits Four Bent Corners

A Kickstarter project in Amsterdam for a garden space that will be transformed into the Kimchi Hotel,  a community hub that will allow House of Fermentation to host experiential workshops and share the art of Korean culture with everyone. House of Fermentation is a Korean food company that focuses on, making The Table for Kimchi – the best & most authentic kimchi in Amsterdam and selling it in a zero-waste cycle and facilitating The Table for Experiences – kimchi fermentation workshops introducing the process of kimchi-making to the local community.

The Kickstarter project has been successful, so Amsterdam will get its Kimchi Hotel! For those chefs who want to experiment with Kimchi, the House of Fermentation might be a big help.

The Kimchi Hotel will provide a temporary home for your kimchi to ferment

Mina Kim established House of Fermentation in 2018 and started producing kimchi in rented kitchen spaces and selling it at local markets all around Amsterdam. She also hosted events and workshops to bring awareness to what real, authentic kimchi tastes like. As time passed she realized that she needed to find a space to bring all of these elements together and she biked all over Amsterdam in search of the perfect location for my business. In July 2020 she found her dream house. Here she has  an indoor space of 60m2 and an outdoor garden space of 100m2. The indoor space is already in operation serving as a kitchen, a retail shop, a workshop space, an art gallery and much more!

The outdoor garden space for which she started the Kickstarter page will be the crown jewel of it all. Once transformed into the Kimchi Hotel, it will be a landmark in Amsterdam where everyone can visit and enjoy the culture of Korea and learn about fermentation. Authentic production of kimchi involves storage in traditional Korean clay pots for fermentation. This is the traditional way her Korean ancestors made kimchi centuries ago and is continued by many families in Korea to this day. The process takes anywhere from 1 month to several years. The Kimchi Hotel will provide a temporary home for your kimchi to ferment before taking it home to enjoy.

The Kimchi Hotel’s garden will be a community garden like no other in Amsterdam. The garden will have unique features that other parks or open gardens do not offer such as free herbal tea harvested from the garden, local artists’ exhibitions, and live kimchi fermenting next to you.

Website: House of Fermentation

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