THE ICED: the glass freezer


The newest innovation in the world of frozen glasses is THE ICED. This machine makes it possible to instantly provide your glasses with a layer of ice, all done through carbon dioxide. Useful to serve extra cold drinks on a different way.


There is nothing better than drinking an extra cold drink with temperatures like last weekend. We had the first warm weekend in the Netherlands last week. Nowadays it’s not only the drinks that are being cooled. For example, we all know the Heineken Ice Cold beers which are being served in extra cold glasses. These glasses are freezing in a separate freezer. Besides the fact that this is taking up a lot of space, it also takes a lot of electricity. The newest innovation is THE ICED. This machine makes glasses freeze up to temperatures of -40C within a few seconds. The result is a glass with a nice, white layer of ice. Besides the special effect on the glass, the drink itself turns ice cold as well.

It’s also possible to freeze ice cubes to a temperature of -45C, this creates little or no meltwater. Perfect for cocktails and drinks as the famous gin & tonic but also for drinks such as beer and champagne.


THE ICED is designed in a way that it is easy to use. The system has six different positions, five of these positions can be adjusted to your own glasses. The sixth position is meant to operate the system manually. The glasses are being cooled with carbon dioxide and in order to prevent loosing gas, the system is provided with sensor security.

THE ICED is available with either one, two or three individually adjustable heads. This is useful to eventually double or triple the capacity when the demand is high.

Besides THE ICED glass freezer, the company is currently working on THE ICED Mini and DRY ICED. With this last device, it’s possible to make 100 grams of dried ice instantly.

Website: THE ICED

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