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  • Piestro pizza machine
  • Piestro pizza machine

An interesting idea: the robotic pizza shop Piestro, an automated artisan pizza vending machine. Piestro launched in the summer of 2020 and drove investor interest for its ability to automate the pizza cooking process to 3 minutes! A standalone pizzeria model that would make artisan quality pies available in public spaces closer to where consumers live –like apartment complex lobbies or offices, universities and malls With just a press of a button, consumers are able to watch a pizza created in front of their eyes, with fresh ingredients cooked to consistent perfection. Piestro even started a cooperation with Kiwibots to create delivery from a vending machine!  

Inspiration for pizzeria’s? It might be an idea to place an automated artisan pizza vending machine outside your pizzeria, an extra source of sales and so convenient during the pandemic!  

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Investing in the future of pizza with the robotic pizza shop Piestro 

Last fall Piestro, the start-up automating artisan pizza creation, partnered with Kiwibot, the robotics company providing affordable and accessible delivery service, to offer consumers a touchless, contactless pizza delivery experience. The partnership comes following a successful campaign raised on crowdfunding platform StartEngine, where Piestro had an oversubscription of investor interest. As a result, Piestro will open a second funding campaign on StartEngine to give more everyday investors an opportunity to bring fresh, quality pizza to the masses.  

With the onset of the pandemic, came an increasing concern for greater health and safety measures across restaurants and an accelerated need to shift to a takeout and delivery model for operators. In the ‘new normal’ consumers are spending more and more time at home, turning to quick access food options with minimal human contact. Interest in a solution that would allow local and regional pizzeria operators to expand their takeout reach.  

Even delivery from the vending machine through the collaboration with Kiwibot  

Piestro is partnering with Kiwibot to deliver an improved contactless experience. Now, the final Piestro automated pizzeria will come integrated with a dispensing mechanism for Kiwibot, allowing for contactless delivery, further limiting the potential for customer exposure to harmful pathogens. Through an in-app order and purchase, customers can select their preferred pizza design. The order is registered with Kiwibot and a bot is deployed to a Piestro location, where the pizza has been made through automation and timed to dispense upon arrive for maximum freshness and quality. Kiwibot picks up the pizza and delivers directly to the consumers, creating a fully contactless experience from the time your pizza is made, to the moment in hand.  

About Piestro  

Piestro is an automated pizzeria –a standalone, fully integrated cooking system and dispenser –that delivers high-quality artisanal pizzas within 3 minutes. Combining robotics, precision control/actuation and culinary excellence, Piestro creates pizzas full of authentic flavor closer to customers. The company features an expert team of food and robotics expertise made up of executives and founders from Miso RoboticsKitchen United, SBE Entertainment Group, Graze Autonomous Mowers, and Wolfgang Puck. Check out the video below!  

Website: Piestro

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