The Dutch Masters’ palate | ‘Previews’ of dishes with Augmented Reality


  • Maison van den Boer - MondriaanMaison van den Boer - Mondriaan
  • Maison van den Boer - RembrandtMaison van den Boer - Rembrandt
  • Maison van den Boer - VincentMaison van den Boer - Vincent
  • Maison van den Boer - VermeerMaison van den Boer - Vermeer

Maison van den Boer launches exclusive dishes inspired by Dutch Masters this winter. Guests who enjoy ‘The Dutch Masters’ palate’, will receive the finest dishes served as a painting. An intricate composition of colours, shapes and light. Brush strokes and textures, in short dishes as a work of art, accompanied by the perfect beverage. The Van Gogh, Vermeer, Rembrandt and Mondrian dishes can also be ‘pre-tasted’ with the help of Augmented Reality. Each dish reflects the work of art of one of our famous Dutch masters, in presentation and the taste palette!

The Dutch Masters’ palate | Dutch DNA

The menu has been created in response to the growing demand for culinary with a Dutch twist. International companies, organizations and governments that welcome guests in Amsterdam are constantly looking for ways to give their event a Dutch DNA. People often enjoy traditional and cultural heritage such as our wooden clogs, windmills, Delft blue, cheese and tulips. Maison van den Boer takes the next step and introduces dishes inspired by our rich history of Dutch Masters.

Augmented Reality

Clients who want to visually ‘pre-taste’ the Dutch Masters menu, are able to test it with  Augmented Reality (AR). With this technique the dishes are shows virtually on the table. This makes Maison van den Boer the first caterer in the Netherlands to use this technique to present her dishes. In collaboration with ISAAC a total of 271 photos per dish were taken, these were then converted to the 3D model that clients will be able to watch in augmented reality.

Earlier Maison van den Boer introduced 3D printed dishes and a hologram dinner. They introduce technology and innovation at the table, as they’re great ways to strengthen the sensory experience. The dishes can be viewed on on iPhone or iPad. Android users can download the app in the Google Play store.

Watch ‘the making of the Dutch masters’ palate’:

Website: The Dutch Masters' palate

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