The Dirty Chicken Club | New chicken restaurant


Amsterdam will soon have a new chicken restaurant. Justin Brown, known for his various pop-up concepts and fish restaurant The Chippy, opens his new concept The Dirty Chicken Club. As the name suggests, it’s all about chicken, together with the raw design this new restaurant may become a new hotspot.

The Dirty Chicken Club

This future chicken paradise can be visited on the Warmoestraat, right in the centre of Amsterdam. The first impression pictures tell us what the appearance of The Dirty Chicken Club will be: industrial and raw, with graffiti on the walls, roller shutters between the seats, finished with materials of marine containers. We cannot wait to visit it!

Justin Brown

Justin Brown is a famous British chef, an author of his own cookbook, TV Chef (Master Chef the Professionals) and owner of several pop-up restaurants in Amsterdam. Justin gained experience in well-known hotels and restaurant around the world, including The Landmark in London, Montes with Jamie Oliver in Knightsbridge, Merchant Pensions with Robert Clayton, The Harrington Club and restaurant Amuse in Australia.

Justin’s pop-up restaurants

After setting up ‘Verzet’-pop up restaurants in Amsterdam, Justin’s pop-up restaurants also appeared on festivals as Taste of Holland and Taste of Amsterdam but also in various bars, restaurants, tunnels and all sorts of locations in the Netherlands. Gradually his company grew to become one of the busiest pop-up companies of Amsterdam. Weekly Justin has an average of two pop-up restaurants in Amsterdam.

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