The digital menu is getting more popular


It’s getting more popular nowadays to use a digital menu. This was also noted by Vision Multimedia, the company behind Vision Menu. Through crowdfunding they managed to raise enough money to grow both domestically and abroad. But why would you switch to a digital menu?

Vision Menu as an example of a digital menu

Vision Menu is one of the few digital menu’s which can be found in Holland. The Vision Menu can be described as a tablet which can be placed on tables in restaurant, cinemas and hotel rooms. Through the menu you are able to order and pay. This is made possible by implementing a payment function on the tablet, which allows you to pay without help of the waiter. Besides that, there is also space for additional information such as the origin of products, ingredients and allergens but also for menu suggestions.

The disadvantage of the digital menu could be that the guests will miss the personal touch of the employee, but according to Vision Multimedia this won’t be happening. They indicate that the employees will have more time to focus on the needs of the guests. This could lead to improved guest satisfaction.

History Vision Menu

In 2014, after extensive research in the United States, they started with the development of the Vision Menu. Since then, different hospitality companies have used the menu as a pilot and several systems have been sold in the past year. Mark Scholte from Vision Multimedia: “We see a huge market for our product, in Europe we are the only ones offering both hardware as software. The Vision Menu can easily switch to other languages and be supported from the cloud.”


In order to realize the growth plan, Vision Multimedia used the Collin Crowdfund platform. The required amount of € 125.000,= was reached within 45 minutes and will be used for investments in working capital and production assets. ‘To meet the growing demand, we needed capital to build up stocks in order to deliver immediately. Collin Crowdfunding has helped us do that. A quick and innovative form of financing, which fits the character of our product.”, says Mark Scholte.

Website: Vision Menu

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