The Dessert Bar in New York City | A sushi bar for sweet tooths


It’s a bit long the video above, but one foodies really have to check out! Besides the fact that it’s a professional video it also shows the ambition of London born culinary expert Rory Macdonald. Since March 2017, Rory Macdonald has opened Flatiron shop Patisserie Chanson. It’s a higher-end pastry shop or as they say themselves, “a patisserie by day and a dessert bar by night”. But guests can still regularly stop by for a breakfast pastry, a quick lunch, or even an afternoon tea. The Dessert Bar is an all-sweets tasting-menu restaurant in the shop’s lower floor. Another must visit spot in NYC for foodies and sweet tooths.

Speakeasy The Dessert Bar | An all-sweets tasting menu restaurant

In The Dessert Bar at the lower floor of Patisserie Chanson there is place for 16 persons at the bar. At the bar Rory Macdonald will serve his guests a six-course dessert menu with optional drink pairings. According to articles we have read about The Dessert Bar, it’s said to have been as a Prohibition-era speakeasy and gambling school, and that history informs both the design and food. As we watched the video it made us think about Dominique Ansel’s Kitchen, a heaven for dessert lovers! The video says it all but some highlights are: you won’t be bothered by sugar highs, he start with some savory dishes like for example the first one: EVOO eucalyptus, which is an olive-oil gelato with lemon, olive oil, and sea salt. It’s served with liquid nitrogen. But he also serves a modern interpretations of a traditional dish like Apple Tarte Tatin. Patisserie Chanson is located at 20 West, 23rd Street (between 5th and 6th Avenue).

About Rory Macdonald

Chanson celebrates the art of dessert making and it’s orchestral process; a song or symphony. A patisserie by day and a dessert bar by night, Chanson is a distinct concept inspired and led by Chef Rory Macdonald. The Dessert Bar is a conceptual offering from Chef Rory Macdonald.

Rory Macdonald is a London born, New York based chef and culinary expert. His love for travel has led him to explore opportunities in Spain, England and the US. He worked for example at restaurant Arzak in San Sébastiàn and worked for Gordon Ramsay in London and New York City. In 2012 he joined the Hakkasan group as executive pastry chef USA and after 6 months the New York location was awarded a Michelin star. Patisserie Chanson is his first solo enterprise, showcasing his unique style & innovative ideas.

Website: The Dessert Bar

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