The Bento Box by Tante Kee


Restaurant Tante Kee on the Kaageiland in the Netherlands serves a quick lunch for the business market. With their Bento Box they serve five small dishes at the same time in a box, you also get a glass of house wine and coffee or tea. All within 45 minutes. A beautiful and delicious way to treat your business guests in a short time.

The Bento Box, beautiful way to serve a quick business lunch

I still remember we did a couple of interviews for the newsletter of Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality – consultancy, the Food for Thought. We interviewed top businesswomen and men, they told us about their wishes regarding their business meals. Women in particular said they prefer to consume a 2 or 3-course menu within a period up to 75 minutes. They don’t want to be disturbed too often and prefer to pass on the menu before they arrive. This makes the Bento Box a perfect option! Especially when you consider you can have all this on their sunny terrace. Within 45 minutes you’re ready for only € 29.50 per person.

We have had the pleasure to taste a Bento Box with starters, it was really tasty!

About Tante Kee

Situated not far from Amsterdam and Leiden is Kaageiland (an island in a Dutch lake), you can find restaurant Tante Kee. Grab the ferry (24/7) from Buitenkaag and with one of the most beautiful terraces by the water in the Netherlands, you directly get that typical holiday feeling. Tante Kee was recently elected by the public to be one of the winners of the Restaurant Week Winter 2016. Was ‘Iens TOPPER’ in 2015 and has got 13 points and a special mention as one of favourite addresses in the Gault Millau. Chef-owner Raymond Reeb cooks French with an occasional Asian accent and works with organic and local products as much as possible. The waiters are led by co-owner Kim Edwards. Tante Kee is since 2006 member of the Jeunes Restaurateurs D’Europe.

Website: Restaurant Tante Kee

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