The Aviary cocktail bar | Grant Achatz will open a second location in New York


Last week Grant Achatz announced the opening of a second location of his world famous Aviary cocktail bar in New York. The first location of the Aviary cocktail bar is in Chicago, near Grant Achatz famous restaurant Alinea (*** Michelin). There were rumours but now it has been confirmed, the Aviary cocktail bar will open this summer at the Mandarin Oriental hotel in the Time Warner building at Columbus Circle. Another reason for foodies to go to New York.

The Aviary cocktail bar in New York

The Aviary cocktail bar has been a game-changer in how cocktails are presented, like the food in his restaurant. Grant Achatz, alongside bartender Micah Melton and business partner Nick Kokonas, will open Aviary New York inside the Mandarin Oriental hotel at the 35th floor of the building. That sounds like nipping delicious cocktails and eating Grant Achatz bites while enjoying stunning views of Central Park.

The Aviary cocktail bar in Chicago

As we don’t have a menu yet from NYC, lets focus on the Aviary bar in Chicago. The bar opened in 2011, taking a fine-dining approach to cocktails. Here bartenders make cocktails in a fenced-in ‘cocktail kitchen’ and are treated like chefs. An exclusive 7- course cocktail and food tasting menu inside the cocktail kitchen run up to $195-per-person. So if you’re a foody and cocktail lover going to Chicago, you can buy a ticket here! Not so much into cocktails? We can recommend having dinner at Grant Achatz restaurant Alinea, what an experience!

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