The 5 chocolate combi’s you don’t want to miss!


  • Ferrero Rocher style taart: Alpha Smoot/Food52
  • ChocoKebab
  • Eitjes van chocolade gevuld met pindakaas: Chocolate Covered Katie
  • Eitjes van chocolade gevuld met pindakaas: Chocolate Covered Katie

Adding chocolate-dishes to your menu is always a good idea. Whether eating it as a dessert after a delicious dinner or as chocolate cake on the lunch menu. We selected the chocolate recipes for you that you have to try!

1. Tabasco spicy chocolate
You won’t see the difference between the tabasco bar and a normal chocolate bar until you take a bite. Chocolate with tabasco, specially made for the spicy food lovers. You can also try this by spicing up your own chocolate sauce with tabasco. Spotted on pepperscale.

2. Ferrero Rocher style pie
On we found the Ferrero Rocher pie. You will find the charm of the Ferrero Rocher chocolates in this pie which is filled with a milk chocolate-hazelnut Gianduja and finished with a milk chocolate glaze and toasted hazelnuts. Delicious!

3. ChocoKebab
The ChocoKebab is based on the Italian Cremino-chocolate and is served in a warm Pita-crêpe. To make it even more tasteful by adding syrup, whipped cream and a lot of other ingredients. You can find more information on:

4. Peanut butter filled chocolate eggs
On Chocolate Covered Katie you find the most delicious chocolate recipes, also these peanut butter filled chocolate eggs. Great to serve during Easter. You can find the full recipe on the website!

5. Jamie Oliver’s chocolate calzone
Jamie Oliver has a beautiful chocolate variation on a well-known dish. The chocolate Calzone. You find chocolate in the filling and on the outside of the pizza. Does taste the best with dark chocolate! You can find the recipe on the website of Jamie Oliver! Bon appétit!

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