Tequila cloud | Hey, Visit Mexico it rains a lot in the Netherlands as well!


While most the tourism videos draw attention to beautiful beaches, impressive views and warm weather, Tourism Board Visit Mexico went for an outside-the-box- approach. In order to attract more German tourists to Mexico, Visit Mexico and ad agency Lapiz designed a tequila cloud, a cloud that rains tequila. For some of the tequila lovers, their dream came true.

About the Tequila Cloud

The tequila cloud was created by using ultrasonic humidifiers that turned tequila into visible mist. The mist condensed into tequila rain drops that fell into the mouth or glass of anybody under the cloud. Wonder how it worked? See the video above.

Lapiz exhibited the tequila cloud in Berlin during Germany’s rainy season at the contemporary art space Urban Spree. Every time it rained in Berlin, the cloud started to produce tequila. They used tequila as Germany is in the top five of nations that buy the most tequila from Mexico. Well, Visit Mexico, we’ve got a lot of rain in the Netherlands and probably a lot of tequila lovers as well!

Website: Urban Spree 

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