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Temakery, recently opened in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Temakery is a fast-casual restaurant that responds to the fast moving society and the generation of today. They offer fresh meals, authentic street food and healthy snacks. The best point: you have full control over the contents of your meal.


Our society is changing, today’s generation is characterized by a busy and hurried lifestyle with little time to cook healthy. As it’s more easy, people often rather choose traditional, unhealthy fast food without nutrients and full of bad fats, sugars and salt. Temakery solves this problem by offering high quality food in the form of Poké bowls, wraps and sushi hand rolls (temaki’s). The dishes at the restaurant cost between €3,- and €11,- and will be ready in a few minutes. Guests can either eat-in or take-out.

The concept is easy. First you need to choose the dish you want to eat: a poke bowl, handroll or sushi-wrap added with one base ingredient (lettuce, rice, quinoa or nachos). Step two is too choose the protein and toppings. This can either be chicken, salmon or tofu with toppings such as tomato, avocado or soy beans. They serve it with your choice of homemade sauce and a crunch. If you don’t feel like creating a meal yourself, you can pick one of the dishes on the menu.

This is not the first time we spotted poke bowls and temaki’s in the Netherlands. We wrote about Yoobi in 2014, this is a temakeria in London who serves temaki’s only. Poké restaurants where guests can eat poké bowls have opened in Amsterdam and Rotterdam last year.

Website: Temakery

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