Teisseire publishes the city guide ‘Joi de vivre in Utrecht’


French flair in Utrecht. The French lemonade brand Teisseire – sponsor of the Tour de Fance – has collected the coolest hotspots in Utrecht in the city guide ‘Joie de vivre in Utrecht’.

Shop and enjoy Utrecht like a Parisian. With the city guide ‘Joie de vivre in Utrecht’ you can see Utrecht through the eyes of a Frenchman or Françoise. The guide also includes stories from French inhabitants of Utrecht, recipes of French delights and (non-alcoholic) cocktails. This guide is made in consultation with the blogger Liselotte of liefsuitutrecht.nl. ‘Joie de vivre in Utrecht’ can be downloaded from their website.

Who drink cordials?

The Dutch love lemonade: almost a 25% even drink one or more glasses of lemonade per day. Most of the lemonade drinkers (80%) mix the syrup in the traditional way: with water. Only 13 percent will add the syrup to sparkling mineral water. These results came out a representative survey of more than 540 Dutch people from 16 years and older, commissioned by Teisseire.
In terms of taste almost half of the Dutch always drink the same flavor. Especially ‘traditional’ flavors such as strawberry and selected berries. Men prefer orange more often than women, while a lemon flavor is more popular with the ladies. Another difference between the sexes: men drink more limonade than women. A whopping 26 percent of men have one or more lemonade drinks per day compared to 20 percent of women.

Teisseire: add a touch of French flair to your glass of water

As French brand, Teisseire emphasized on showing how something as simple as cordials can add a touch of French flair to everyday life. “Our dream is to turn any drink into a moment to enjoy,” says Michelle Blankenburgh, brand manager Teisseire Netherlands. “Transform your glass of water for example in a Virgin Mojito with Lime and Mint syrup or give your smoothie a boost with a touch of Currant & Elderflower syrup. This way you add a little joie de vivre to each day.”
Teisseire is present during the Avant Tour and the advertising caravan at the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Teisseire has a French patio there where everyone is welcome to enjoy a glass of lemonade.

Website: Teisseire

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