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  • Sport of the future - HADOSport of the future - HADO
  • HADO - The sport of the futureHADO - The sport of the future
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Since the beginning of this year, you can also play the Techno Sport HADO in the Netherlands! Early 2022, Michiel Verhage and Michael Reibestein, co-founders of HADO the Netherlands, introduced the world’s largest and first augmented reality (AR) sport in the Netherlands. At the moment, you can play it in Purmerend, Tiel and Venlo. And you can have a pop-up arena set up! HADO is a leader in the integration of sports, gaming and technology and it’s the perfect mix of sport, game and strategy. An entertainment experience with sports & game elements with a high fun factor. It’s fun for (corporate) events, bachelor parties, children’s parties, etc.

We would not be surprised to see the Techno Sport HADO at Family Entertainment Centers and other parties active in leisure. Since it looks like it will make you tired and hot, you will probably need a drink and snack afterwards!

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Where does Techno Sport HADO come from?

Techno Sport HADO uses AR in combination with sports and gaming, and it is immensely popular in more than 35 countries worldwide. Millions of people in countries including Japan, the United States, Germany, France and Spain already play the sport, and now they are about to conquer the Dutch market. Sports enthusiasts across the country can book an exclusive session or just come and experience it.

Techno Sport HADO originated in Japan and has quickly become the sport of the future internationally. Professional competitions are even organized, such as the annual Europe Cup in Istanbul and the World Cup in Tokyo. Because of the AR, it’s a unique and accessible sport that is also fast gaining popularity in the Netherlands. According to players, it is a perfect blend of sport, game and strategy. HADO uses revolutionary technologies to combine movement with leading gaming elements. The competition structure at a global level, together with the global interest in the combination of self-movement and gaming, also guarantees success.

Techno Sport HADO | dodgeball with Hadoken

HADO brings a whole new dimension to the well-known dodgeball. AR technology projects a layer over the real world, with players seeing both the real and projected environment through the AR headset. Players compete in teams in an arena and try to knock out opponents with virtual energy balls (‘Hadoken’) visible only through the headset. HADO is played in two teams and is suitable for all ages. Players can move freely throughout the game without being tied to controllers or cables. Watch the game in the video below, the text continues below the video.

Mission | ‘Creating the next generation of sport together’

Michiel Verhage, co-founder of HADO Netherlands: “Great to see the positive response to this sport in the Netherlands. Our goal is to roll out courts across the country, organize national competitions and hopefully one day compete in the Olympics with HADO.”

Michael Reibestein, co-founder of HADO Netherlands: “We are extremely proud that the biggest player within the Dutch sports market, OneFit, has faith in our concept and is helping to realize our goals. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for HADO.”

Continuing the success of arcade games and games like Shuffleboard and bocce at the Dutch Mooie Boules?

Website: HADO

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