Tarot of Cocktails


Katy Seibel created a unique way of presenting her cocktail recipes. The 30 drink recipes are presented on classic tarot cards. The tarot cards are hand drawn by Katy herself, each card has key elements of the cocktail recipe in it.

Tarot of Cocktails

Tarot of Cocktails is an original drink recipe deck. Each card will feature a tarot-inspired illustration on one side and a craft cocktail recipe on the other. Although inspired by tarot, the cards are designed for the cocktail drinks, not divination.

The Cards

Each card in Tarot of Cocktails began as a hand-drawn illustration. Taking the basic composition of a classic tarot card, Katy Seibel would replace key elements with references to the drink. After sketching in pencil on watercolour paper, she traced the drawings in black ink. Finally, they were scanned, digitally colorized and shrunk to 3” x 5”, the size of the final deck. They will be professionally printed on substantial stock to create 30 little works of art. The deck will also come with a companion booklet with tips, tricks and additional features.

Cocktail recipes

The 30 drink recipes in the Tarot of Cocktails deck cover a wide spectrum. Created with the casual connoisseur in mind, there are stiff sippers, boozy floats, light summery drinks and so much more. Some need only a few simple ingredients, while others have a longer list and require prep work like making an infused syrup. Inspired by classic cocktails, drinks Katy enjoyed along the way and sheer imagination, she formulated, tested and tweaked each one to ensure it is both delicious and dynamic.


Currently Katy is in the process of finalizing all the details of the product and intend to go into production pending a successful Kickstarter! Katy uses Kickstarter to fund the first print run. We wish Katy the best of luck with her creative idea of presenting cocktail recipes.

Website: Tarot of Cocktails

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