TapFruit: a healthy and sustainable thirst-quencher


TapFruit is pure fruit to use in your tap water, without added sugars or any other nonsense. The founders made TapFruit to make tap water thirst-quencher number one again at the office, on the go or at home.

Fabian Roobeek and Ernst Visscher, the founders of TapFruit experienced a lack of alternative, healthy thirst-quenchers at the office. Tap water and syrups are often too sweet. TapFruit is fresh, fruity and unsweetened. The product is made from pure fruit puree and is not concentrated, has no artificial additives or sugar. It is easily preservable in handy stick packs. One stick contains 5 raspberries and one piece of pear. TapFruits fits a healthy diet, since one stick only contains 14 calories and 2,8 grams of fruit sugars. Fabian and Ernst think to offer an alternative; tap water with a natural twist and a delicious, fresh fruity taste.


With just 12 days to go the target amount to start selling TapFruit has been reached, of course the target amount has been adjusted so you can still join on One Planet Crowd. Besides tap water being healthy it also is a lot more sustainable and we’re lucky to have high quality tap water here in Northwest-Europe!

Founders of TapFruit

Fabian Roobeek and Ernst Visscher are the founders of Limo de Janeiro B.V., the company behind TapFruit. As previously mentioned they searched for an alternative, healthy thirst-quencher at the office, with TapFruit as the result after a lot of experimenting and collaborating with top experts. The founders of TapFruit not only try to convince people to live a healthier but also more sustainable lifestyle. The fruit is directly purchased from farmer Marinus Bunt from B&B Fruit in the Betuwe. Like this they can get the best fruit with a small sustainable footprint.

Website: TapFruit

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