Taking a late night snack in France | Oysters in a vending machine


On the Île de Ré island, situated at France’s westcoast it’s possible to buy oysters from a vending machine. Similar to those offering snacks and drinks at railway stations and office buildings, but just a little more luxurious and pricey. The idea came from Tony Berthelot, who wanted to sell his oysters outside business hours as well.

Oysters in a vending machine

Berthelot, an oyster farmer since thirty years, sees the oyster vending machine as an extra source of income besides the sales points like food-, fish- and supermarkets. Guests can buy different quantities, types and sizes 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Unfortunately, oysters are not the most cheap delicacies. The webshop of Berthelot shows us that, depending on the type of oysters, prices are between 55 and 76,50 euro’s per box.



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