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  • Vita Mojo, London via FacebookVita Mojo, London via Facebook
  • Vita Mojo, London via FacebookVita Mojo, London via Facebook
  • Vita Mojo, London via FacebookVita Mojo, London via Facebook
  • Vita Mojo, London via FacebookVita Mojo, London via Facebook

A meal that is tailored to your DNA? It might sound like complicated and overly remote but this is changing: ultra-personalized food or eating exactly what your body needs! Vita Mojo in London is the first take-away restaurant that offers these meals. In addition, we spotted several other providers that are working on food based on your DNA, examples of Nestlé and of a DNA company in America that works with Amazon to deliver personalized meals at home.

We would like to taste the meals of Vita Mojo … however, handing over your DNA sample to third parties? Your DNA sample is pretty much the only thing that’s really ‘yours’ nowadays. Would you do it?

Vita Mojo | Personalized nutrition

Vita Mojo has developed a concept to respond on the increasing demand for personalized nutrition and healthier eating options. They use technology to enable their customers to personalize their meals based on their diet, health goals and, where appropriate, their DNA.

This development is in collaboration with Thriva. Thriva is a company that specializes in personalized health through blood tests. The service of the company works by taking a sample of your blood and subsequently gaining access to your blood biomarkers. The results of these blood analyzes are processed in a customized report in the form of an online portal. This report will be linked to your Mojo account. You can order the customized meals online or via an iPad in the store and pick them up at one of the restaurants.

Recently, you can choose to eat based on your DNA. DNAFit first takes a sample of your DNA with a saliva rod. After this, a report of this result will be drawn up. In this report you will find the necessary information about whether your body will respond better to endurance or strength sports and whether you are sensitive to carbohydrates, salt or saturated fat. You can also see whether you have lactose or gluten intolerance. Finally, it shows your individual needs for antioxidants and vitamins. You must use the DNAFit service to get to know this. When the results are received, the Vita Mojo algorithm can recommend meals that take into account your individual DNA, health and fitness goals and taste preferences. Read more about it here!

Other examples of Nestlé and from America

More and more companies are responding to this trend. This is also the case with Nestlé who uses Nestlé’s ‘Wellness Ambassador’ app to test the DNA of its Japanese consumers in order to provide them with personalized eating advice. The food concern cancels sugar, fat and salt from its products and invests in innovative companies active on the health front. Based on Instagram photos of their food, the app recommends tailor-made dietary supplements.

In addition, Nestlé invests in home kits that allow people to take blood and DNA samples. For example, the Nestlé food group wants to provide individual lifestyle and dietary advice with the aid of data analyses, genetics and artificial intelligence, which can reduce the risk of diseases and the consequences of increased cholesterol and diabetes.

In America, customers of the DNA company Habit can even have their personalized meals provided at home by Amazon. In addition to a DNA test, Habit also performs a blood test and investigates how a person responds to drinks with a high concentration of fat, protein and sugar.

Does it work and how do you deal with sharing your DNA as an individual?

In addition to all the advantages, these technological developments are also considered as ethical dilemmas. For example, there is insufficient scientific evidence that a diet plan based on blood values ​​and DNA is really effective. The uncertainty about the privacy of this data is also a issue, will the outcome of bad health have consequences for the insurance we take out?

Our conclusion: We would love to taste the meals of Vita Mojo … however, handing over a DNA sample to third parties? Your DNA is pretty much the only thing that’s really ‘yours’ nowadays.

Website: Vita Mojo

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