Taco Bell and Revolution Carts empower local food vendors in LA


  • Taco Bell, Taco TuesdayTaco Bell, Taco Tuesday
  • Taco Bell, Taco TuesdayTaco Bell, Taco Tuesday

Taco Bell is stepping up to help bring the locally iconic Ave 26 Family Night Market back to downtown LA for pop-up events during three upcoming Taco Tuesdays. As an extension from last year’s partnership, Taco Bell and Revolution Carts are providing 26 sidewalk-legal food carts to local street vendors this summer. These Revolution Carts will be distributed at each of the Ave 26 events, which will be held in the Arts District on June 18, July 23 and August 13, 2024.

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Revolution Carts & Taco Bell | Supporting Food Culture Entrepreneurs

Mobile vendors are a staple in the bustling food scene of Taco Bell’s backyard in Southern California. Their tacos, tamales and other offerings are vehicles of innovative food fusions, helping contribute to the diverse flavors of the city. However, these hard-working vendors often face challenges to successfully operate their family-owned small businesses, like gaining access to regulation-compliant equipment, receiving permits, and even facing harassment.

Ever since liberating the Taco Tuesday trademark last year, Taco Bell has been on a mission to reduce the limitations so often found in making, selling or eating tacos — or any food. That’s why Taco Bell is building on its support from last year by gifting even more sidewalk-legal food vending carts through Revolution Carts’ efforts. After gifting 20 carts to SoCal food entrepreneurs last year, Taco Bell will be gifting 26 more new carts on multiple Taco Tuesday celebrations this summer.

Each cart will be health permit compliant and customized to feel like an extension of the vendors’ selves. The recipients will also receive valuable resources from Revolution Carts, such as access to safe vending locations and catered events, support to acquire proper permits and guidance on how to grow their businesses.

Taco Tuesday celebrations at Ave 26 Family Night Market in the Art District

Taco Bell is expanding its support of local entrepreneurs by playing a major role in bringing the locally beloved Ave 26 Family Night Market back to Los Angeles for three summer nights of “Taco Tuesdays in the Arts District.” After originally growing its roots in Lincoln Heights, the market was required to relocate in 2021 to its current home at the Pico Rivera Sports Arena. However, with the support of Taco Bell, taco lovers can experience the night market’s inspiring community back in Los Angeles at the downtown Arts District on June 18, July 23 and August 13 from 5 p.m. – 10 p.m. PT at 860 Traction Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90013.

This year’s Taco Bell-backed recipients of Revolution Carts will receive their new carts at each of the three Ave 26 Family Night Market events. The events will feature food vendors, music, art and the opportunity to hear the cart recipients’ unique stories.

By supporting these local vendors, Taco Bell is bringing more awareness to resource limitations and the obstacles that these entrepreneurs face. Once the vendors are equipped with the necessary equipment and permits, they can focus on growing their businesses and serving delicious, flavorful food to their community.

About Revolution Carts

Revolution Carts was started by Richard Gomez, Matthew Geller, and Patrick Lennon. Three industry experts saw the need for small street vendors to get health-permitted, compliant vending carts. With over 30 years of manufacturing, grassroots advocacy, and education experience, in 2021, the team designed the first ever LA County Health Department permitted prepackaged hot holding push cart for vendors who wanted the opportunity to sell legally with the LA City Sidewalk Vending Permit. Their first sidewalk cart, “The Tamalero“, is a lightweight, affordable sidewalk cart with low operational costs and is the perfect tool for new or experienced small business owners to enter the formal economy and sell at high volume. Following the Tamalero, Chief Engineer Richard Gomez designed the first health permitted Sidewalk Grill Cart to be used for onsite cooking. The Sidewalk Grill Cart will be available Summer 2024.

At Revolution, when conceptualizing new designs, the team doesn’t just focus on the mechanics of the sidewalk carts they build; they use the carts as a medium to express their identity—creatively and culturally. In addition to being used for cooking, selling, and providing opportunities, Revolution’s sidewalk carts also help beautify the city streets in which they roll, serving local and traditional fare from a piece of art.


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